How to Apply Fertilizer to Shrubs

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Healthy plants often need additional nutrient help to thrive in a natural environment. Shrubs in your yard or garden may benefit from regular fertilization. Plants need many different nutrients. Some are available in the soil they grow in or in the air around them. Some of the main nutrients needed are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. […]

Fall Fertilizer and Overseeding Techniques

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Overseeding your lawn can improve the quality and health of your grass and soil.  It’s one of the most effective things you can do. Another important component is keeping up a regular fertilization schedule that works with your grass type. Here are a few tips and tricks for keeping your lawn lush and healthy with […]

Choosing a Grass-Friendly Weed Killer for Your Lawn

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Every home deserves a beautiful yard, but it’s important to be sure you’re taking the right steps to keep it healthy. Weeds are always enemy #1 in your yard, so finding an herbicide that doesn’t harm the grass is the best way to protect your landscape. With so many options on the market, it can […]

Guide to Fertilizing Azaleas

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Azaleas are attractive and eye-catching shrubs used in landscapes, and are considered iconic. They would make a lovely option for your next landscaping project. Azaleas, with their beautiful blossoms, make a great addition to your garden area. This shrub has captivating flowers that vary in different colors such as red, pink, white, and purple. It […]

Lawn Mushroom Killer – Simple Steps to Eliminate Lawn Mushrooms


One of the primary reasons for maintaining your lawn is that you want a remarkable spot to relax and bond with your family. But, how can this be possible if mushrooms are pestering your lawn? Lawn mushrooms are considered to be one of the most common landscaping problems. Even if you put in your best […]

Best Fertilizer for Green Grass

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Every homeowner desires to live in a fresh and relaxing surrounding. Well, one of the best ways to attain this aim is to put a green grass or lawn in your backyard or front yard. Meanwhile, to maintain the beauty of your lawn, you must have the proper lawn maintenance. With this, you will need […]

Fall Lawn Fertilizer When to Apply

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The time to apply fertilizer to your lawn will vary from region to region. This is based on when and how severe your winters will be. If you live in Northern climates or colder climates you will start your lawn preparation in early fall. For warmer climates you will start in middle to late fall […]

Weed and Feed Schedule For Lawn Care

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Fertilization is important to giving your lawn the proper nutrients it needs to thrive through out the year. Proper fertilization is a balance of what your soil is giving your lawn and what you can add to it. It’s important to follow a weed and feed schedule for lawn care to apply fertilizer at the […]

How to Care For Zoysia Grass

Zoysia Grass

Maintaining Your Zoysia Grass The basic care for Zoysia lawns will be dependant upon soil fertility, rainfall, full sun or shadier area, grown north or south. Good soil fertility, full sun, high rainfall, southern growing area = better than average growth. Which will in turn needs to be mown more than northern, cooler temps, average rainfall […]

When to Apply Fertilizer to Lawn

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Fertilizer application is best done during the spring season. Spring is a good time to provide your lawn with much needed fertilizer supplement and weed control solutions because the weather is very conducive for nutrient absorption. Trees and shrubs also tend to lose a lot of their natural green color and their leaves during this […]