How to Care for Outdoor Succulents in Texas

succulents caring for guide

The beautiful thing about succulents is that they’re extremely hardy, and therefore easy to maintain. Most succulents thrive in warm, dry climates, due to their ability to store water. However, if you live in a region that is prone to occasional frosts, such a North Texas, you may want to keep them in a container. […]

Top Shade Perennial Plants for Texas

lungwort flower (pulmonaria)

Plants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and they easily brighten up any space. If you want to accent a shaded area in your yard, or bring a burst of life to your home or office, perennial shade plants are your best bet because they can thrive in minimal sunlight. What is […]

Winter Vegetables to Grow in the Shade


Any avid gardener knows that winter doesn’t mean the planting has to halt until springtime. But not all of us know exactly what to strive for. While all vegetables need some amount of sun exposure in order to thrive, there are actually several you can plant in the wintertime, in the areas of your yard […]

Lawn and Garden Ornaments: Fun Outdoor Decorations for Any Season

garden sprite

Decorating your garden with tasteful ornaments is a fantastic way to enhance your foliage, and to keep your garden colorful every season of the year. We’re all familiar with the classic garden gnomes, bird feeders, wind chimes, and those gaudy pink flamingos. But what about a more modern touch of flare for your foliage? We […]

Low Maintenance Shrubs for Texas


Versatile, well-mannered and low maintenance are good words to describe the latest generation of shrubs that are showing up in garden centers. These varieties offer extended bloom times and they are suited for both containers and in-ground flower beds. Shrubs are a great way to add some texture and dimension to your landscape. Let’s take […]

How To Deal With Drainage Problems In The Garden

garden drain

Poor drainage can drown your flowers and affect your garden plants. Improve the drainage situation to prevent creating hazards and destroying your plants. The following steps help you transform the poorly drained area into an amazing looking garden.   Gardening in wet areas has drawbacks, but it offers great possibilities. Having an extremely damp area in […]

Choosing Healthy Plants to Enhance Your Lawn

lawn care service

A lush green lawn with towering trees is a sight to behold, but vibrant garden plants add a dimension of lively texture to your yard. They make a great base for tree trunks, and they can add a beautiful accent to your porch and the outer perimeters of your lawn. Let’s explore some important considerations […]

Growing a Gorgeous, Weed-Free Flower Bed


Gardening with flowering plants can be a wonderfully fulfilling hobby. Whenever the plants begin to flower, they’ll surely bring a smile to your face to see all your hard work paying off. If you’ve already got a garden and are facing problems with intrusive weeds, this article has some helpful tips. Let us guide you […]

Guide to Fertilizing Azaleas

red azalea

Azaleas are attractive and eye-catching shrubs used in landscapes, and are considered iconic. They would make a lovely option for your next landscaping project. Azaleas, with their beautiful blossoms, make a great addition to your garden area. This shrub has captivating flowers that vary in different colors such as red, pink, white, and purple. It […]

Flower Beds with Rocks Instead of Mulch

stone border

Are you still undecided between rocks and mulch for your landscaping project? Here you have the chance to learn why it’s better to use rocks instead of mulch in your flower beds. When you invest in your landscape, you are not just improving your outdoors. You’re creating a beautiful view whenever you want to relieve […]