Best Soil Amendments for Lawns


Are you searching for a solution to transform your lawn into the lush, healthy one you desire? Different from fertilizers, soil amendments, such as compost and lime, can come to the rescue. Soil amendments, also called soil conditioners, can often be overlooked and confused with fertilizers. However, they are not the same. Each plays a …

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Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden Design Ideas

indoor kitchen herb garden

If you’ve been looking for some inspiration about how you can start growing fresh herbs this fall, then indeed it’s time to have your kitchen herb garden. These herbs are an excellent addition to your recipes, by tossing a few sprigs; you can make a sweet and savory meal. This aromatic application makes a delicious …

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Plants That Are Toxic To Pet Cats 

Cats are wonderful creatures known for their charm, sophistication, downright playfulness, and curiosity. Their curious nature oftentimes can be an endearing quality. However, this can also spell out their doom; thus, giving the age-old saying “curiosity killed the cat,” a bittersweet truth. Their insatiable curiosity is what compels them to explore everything and taste anything, …

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How to Preserve Seeds for Future

preserve seeds

Seed preservation is one of the most important steps we can take to safeguard the future of our agriculture. Not only have seed banks become a serious endeavor of large corporations and federal entities, but for individual farmers and gardeners as well. Lets explore the best methods of seed preservation so that we can all …

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Fall Planting Ideas For The Front Yard

fall landscaping ideas

Fall is a very symbolic time of the year. The leaves turn colors, the weather starts cooling off, and kids are back in school.  This lets us know that the holiday season is right around the corner and winter is following.  Many home owners love to decorate their homes during the fall season and planting …

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Best Way to Water Vegetable Garden

best way to water vegetable garden

Life is one big balancing act and gardening is no different.  Maintaining the correct amount of water determines how well your plants will grow.  Water is the most important part of life on earth and growing vegetables cannot survive without water.  For gardeners there are many ways to keep your plants hydrated properly. The question …

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The Benefits of Incorporating Cacti and Succulents Indoors

cacti succulents indoors

Despite the many health benefits houseplants present, a lot of people don’t want to go through the hassle of caring for and maintaining their indoor gardening. It’s not everyone who has a green thumb and growing indoor plants can be quite challenging. Luckily though, there are options for those who want to reap the benefits …

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List of Flowers That Attract Bees

Insects- Bee

Bee populations are on the decline.  Without bees pollination would not possible for some plants to survive. Pollination is the process when pollen is transferred from one flower to a second flower of the same species. The fertilize it a transferred pollen begins the process of fruit and seed production. A few plants can pollinate …

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