Discovering The Beauty of Outdoor Water Features

outdoor water fountain

Having a water feature installed in any garden space will bring a sense of calm and cool to your environment and lend a real air of tranquility that you may not have thought possible. Nowadays, there are seemingly limitless options when it comes to water features, with the majority of them pre-made and easily installed. …

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Full Sun Annuals That Bloom All Summer


When the summer heat takes hold, most gardeners get tired from working in the garden. To work smarter and save yourself from the hot sun, you need to look for flowering plants annuals that bloom throughout the summer season with little work involved. The good news is that you have a wide selection of summer …

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Kid Friendly Garden Ideas


Gardening is a special activity which is both relaxing and potentially stressful! It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional gardener, or just have a small piece of gardening paradise in your backyard. Using your hands to create something special is a lot of work, yet very fulfilling. Sharing the excitement with someone you love …

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Use Winter Shrub Protection Covers

shrub cover

Protecting your plants against winter damage can be a challenge. Rapid temperature drops following a brief winter thaw can weaken the plants during the winter or early spring season. Frost and ice from snow or freezing temperatures can result in leaf damage, dead twigs and branches in the spring.  One of the best methods to …

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Front Yard Makeovers Before and After

front yard

Landscape Design Makeover A beautiful landscape design is an essential part to any front yard makeover that is needed.  A variety of options to choose from and how to conform to your unique landscape takes a little bit science, art, and personal taste.  When designing a front yard makeover, you should try to make it …

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Dwarf Trees For Landscaping


We live a small, small, small world. Its seems now a days that larger or bigger trees do not have the same appeal they once had.  It seems with land prices going up and property sizes shrinking, thus creating a landscaping trend to work in a smaller area. The solution to for smaller landscapes?  Using …

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How to Get Rid of Weeds in Flower Beds


There are Two Types of Weeds. The first type produces large quantities of seeds, however these weeds are easy to pull or hoe, but new ones keep appearing. The second type is harder to kill, often because these weeds have persistent underground roots or other parts that can sprout into new plants. And then you have the …

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How to Prune Ornamental Grasses

pruning ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses add texture, color, movement, and personality to your garden’s landscape. Pruning them ensures year-round beauty, with delicate green shoots in spring, mature foliage in summer, muted colors in the fall, and lovely frosted spikes in the winter. Many grass varieties are drought resistant and easy to care for, requiring minimal maintenance to keep …

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