How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring and Summer

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Spring is finally here and summer is not far away.  Your lawn and landscape experienced harsh conditions this winter. Your grass and plants are weak from the winter weather.  They are also hungry from being in dormancy.  Your garden is just itching to get going. Before you rush to your local lawn and garden store, […]

How To Prepare Grass for Texas Winters

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If you are wondering about the ways in which you can support your lawn during the winter, we’ve got you covered. The most important thing is taking good care of the grass and plants you’ve already got. Winters can be harsh on the plants in your garden. The temperature can halt the growth of seedlings, […]

How Often to Water Grass in the Winter

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As colder weather approaches, your lawn care routine needs to change but it doesn’t come to a complete stop for the season. Lawns still need maintenance and water in the winter, albeit far less than they do in the middle of summer. How Much to Water In the summer months, water is vital to keep […]

Spring and Summer Lawn Care

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Many things are involved in North Texas lawn care and maintenance, but timing plays the key role. You may wonder what steps you have to take to keep your lawn in a good shape. With a bit of planning and a little hard work, you can take care of your lawn by following these considerations: […]

How to Recover Your Trees and Shrubs from Recent Winter Freeze

hard freeze frozen lawn

The recent freeze our state endured generated a level of weather-related destruction we rarely see here in North Texas. With the power outages, limited water supply, and basic needs barely being met, most of us were left reeling when the storm had finally passed.   As we all began to survey the various types and level […]

Seasonal Lawn Care: From Winter to Spring

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Early spring is a great time to get organized for the season. Not only is this an opportune time of year to do some maintenance work around the yard, but there are a few regular lawn care tasks you can go ahead and resume. Seasonal lawn care can be tricky, because you want to make […]