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Front Yard Makeovers Before and After


Landscape Design Makeover

A beautiful landscape design is an essential part to any front yard makeover that is needed.  A variety of options to choose from and how to conform to your unique landscape takes a little bit science, art, and personal taste.  When designing a front yard makeover, you should try to make it a space where people will stop and enjoy themselves. It is not just to look at and pass through.

  • zoysia sod install
    New Zoysia
    After a good soak, and some sun this fresh sod grass will be lush and green in no time.
  • stone work landscaping
    Stone Work Landscaping
    Adding some stones to your landscape will enhance the appeal of your yard. Elevating garden beds to eye level always catches attention.
  • Curb Appeal
    With the ornamental grasses at the front of the yard, this landscape stands out.
  • emerald zoysia sod installation
    Emerald Zoysia Grass
    Dark and Lush in color and texture. The perfect combination.
  • Heavy Stone Walk Way
    Heavier and wider stones accentuate the walkway to house from the front yard.

Some key elements you will consider in your makeover is:

  1. Sod/Grass: Some lawns have multiple types of grass like zoysia grass or bermuda grass, in addition to a heavy weed problem.  Some options might be to complete remove the grass, weeds and topsoil and start completely. Then the question becomes. ” Do I want to use sod grass, or a ground cover clover or flowers, perhaps mulches?”
    Perennial and seasonal color:  With a huge variety of flowers to choose from that will fill your garden with bright colors and lovely foliage.
    Tree and shrub installation: This is where a more personal choice should be considered because adding trees and shrubs looks great.  Having tree and shrubs requires pruning an maintenance during the year.  I will recommend adding shrubs or bushes close to windows, or fence lines for improved privacy.
    Mulch, gravel and rocks: Many options you have now are for ground ground cover.  Grass is becoming  less popular due to the environmental affects that fertizers and mowing can have on the environment.  Wood mulch is cheap and biodegradable material, and gravel and river rocks do have chemicals that will run off into the drains.
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Less is More

This front yard went from larger bushes to smaller shrubs.  Removed the ground cover around the light post and used mulch throughout the landscape.  The light post was relocated into the flowerbed and the walkway was extended outward.



Front yard makeovers before and after is a balancing act. It would have to welcome visitors and neighbors without putting on public display. Choosing the right features would dictate how much lawn maintenance would be needed, but also time for garden maintenance as well. The front yard is the most visible part of your home, thus would also need to look appealing year-round.

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