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How Lighting Adds Value to Your Night Garden


A night garden is a wonderful addition to your home. Not only does it make your property look more beautiful, it also boosts its value in the market. When setting up your garden, there’s more to do beyond just landscaping your lawn and planting the flower beds. Consider adding lighting features to your outdoor garden.

Are you a little bit unsure about taking on such a project? Maybe knowing the following benefits of lighting will convince you:

It will help to brighten your outdoor area.

Who said you and your family should only hang out in your indoor living room? An outdoor area that’s illuminated by lights is an appealing space to hang out in. With landscape lighting, you will be able to adjust how much light you have at any given time.

For instance, when your kids are playing outside at night, use brighter lights. Switch to dimmer lighting when you and your spouse are having a romantic evening. You’ll find outdoor lighting in various shapes and designs. No matter the occasion or your preferences, there will always be options that are suitable.

Lights highlight your landscaping

how lighting adds value to your night garden
Chrysanthemums at night.

 What’s the use of hiring bespoke garden design London services for your landscaping if their work can’t even be appreciated by you and your guests, especially during nighttime dinner parties?

By placing lights at strategic areas of your yard, you can highlight the many attractive features of your night garden. You can use lights to mark your garden’s boundaries and also create barriers to certain restricted areas of your yard.

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Use lighting to show off special features of your garden, such as fish ponds, fountains, and benches. Setting up lights near your flower beds will showcase their beautiful colors at night. 

Lighting keeps your family and guests safe 

Outdoor lighting is also be a way to ensure the safety of your precious family and friends. Install lights near unsafe areas like stairs and uneven areas to guide them when they’re walking. Consider setting up lights in areas with high traffic, such as decks, patios, and walkways as well as areas near the pool and benches.

Criminals are deterred

Another important advantage of outdoor lighting is that it’s a deterrent to crime. A home with well-maintained lighting gives the impression that the property is well cared for. Just consider this: burglars are more likely to trespass a home that is in darkness because they think the owners might be away or asleep. 

If you’re worried about your electric bills, opt to use motion sensor lighting. Another possibility is those lights that only turn on when people are moving within their range. This way, you save on your utility bills while also discouraging people from trespassing on your property. 

enhance garden with landscape lighting
Illuminate your fence with string lights.

Value of Outdoor Lighting 

The advantage of installing outdoor lighting for your garden is that you enjoy an immediate return of investment. This is because of the immediate joy you will feel when you see your home well-lit. 

Likewise, if you ever decide to sell your home in the future, you will get a better price for it if buyers see your outdoor lighting setup.

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Wrapping Up

light up your outdoor space at night
Place lights along pathways.

In conclusion, unlocking the enchanting potential of your night garden is within reach through the transformative power of lighting. As the sun sets and darkness embraces your outdoor oasis, carefully placed lights will sprinkle magic into every corner.

By strategically illuminating paths and walkways, you guide guests on a captivating journey, highlighting the textures and colors of your landscape under the moon’s gentle gaze.

Delicate string lights dancing above create an ethereal atmosphere, while subtle uplighting accentuates the majestic silhouettes of trees and architectural features.

The interplay of light and shadow adds depth and drama, unveiling hidden details and inviting admiration. With the right lighting scheme, your night garden becomes a place for serenity, reflection, and even revelry. So, embrace the allure of the nighttime and let your garden shine, transforming darkness into a canvas for dreams to unfold.


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  1. Outdoor sittings are best for family times, Well maintained Backyard gives you and your family warm and happy feelings while spending time there, automated lights are a good feature to add. I would like to add, artificial grass as well for my kids and pets.

    I have seen many online store for artificial grass for sale.

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