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Lawn Watering Tips During Draught


lawn watering during draughtHomeowners know how important water is to maintaining healthy lawns. During times
of drought, however, local water supplies can become so depleted that cities must enact
drought contingency plans to conserve water. These plans approved by the state, set
forth restrictions for water use based on water supply, lake levels and weather
conditions. You can still keep your lawn in good condition even when water use is

For the overall health of a lawn, water infrequently and deeply enough to wet the soil to
the recommended depth, usually 6 inches. This practice reduces disease, helps air to
move to the plant roots and conserves water.

Please read this pdf file for an in depth overview of how and when to water your grass and what types of grass are better suited for draught conditions.

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4 Responses

  1. Sometimes I would rather not have my lawn as the upkeep gets crazy when we have droughts. I get concerned that the grass is going to get too dry and catch fire and I will return home to a pile of burnt rubble. Do you recommend anything for times of drought to avoid this happening?

  2. One thing that I do & I’d like to share – and you can tell me if this is counterproductive or not – is watering my lawn in segments.
    For instance, I will focus on watering one section of my lawn thoroughly during the designated time during water restrictions. Then, during the next designated time, I will focus on another segment of my lawn.
    By doing this in rotations, I am able to ensure that my entire lawn is getting enough water throughout the drought.
    Hope this helps!

  3. We don’t usually have drought restrictions where I’m from, which is nice, so we usually run the sprinklers or let the rain water the lawn. That way, our grass stays green and healthy.

    1. That is exactly my case. We don’t have to worry much about water shortage in that way. A little watering on and off, along with the rain usually gets the job done.

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