Where to Place Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting placement

When you home is perfectly landscaped and has various flowers, ornamental plants, and trees nestled throughout your property.  During the day the bright colors, and deep greens, along with the sprawling bushes look great. At night how can you really enjoy and appreciate the beauty that nature has given you?  Landscape lighting is as important …

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Christmas Lights Near Me In Dallas

Holidays Lights and Where to Find Them! The festive season is here and Christmas lights are going up and ready to be seen through out the DFW area. Where to find the best Christmas lights near me Dallas. Take a drive or a walk through one of the many holiday light displays across the DFW …

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Solar Lighting For Your Landscape

Solar Lighting

This is where solar powered outdoor lights shine. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) create light without producing the waste heat of regular bulbs, are very bright, and yet require a minimal amount of electricity to function. The result is a reliable, long-lasting light source that will typically work for the life of the solar light product.  Landscaping …

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