What Grass Grows Well in the Shade?

shady front yard

Growing grass in shady areas can be tricky because even shade-resistant grasses need at least 4 hours of daily sunlight.  Everyone wants a nice, shady backyard on a hot summer day. Many people buy houses with trees and big shrubs or they decide to plant them on their own.  The issue is that as these […]

When to Plant Sod Grass

sod installation

Choosing to lay sod instead of starting with grass seeds is a good idea when your yard is badly damaged, has lots of bare patches, or has been exposed to a lot of foot traffic. It also gives an instant payoff of a green, full lawn. Once you’ve decided to plant sod in your yard, […]

Best Grass for North Texas

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Click the arrows to show the Top 3 Grasses for Texas.   Sun and Shade Tolerances When you’re considering which turf grass will be best for your lawn, sun and shade tolerance must be weighed in to finalize a well-measured decision. Consider how shadows fall across your lawn at various points in the day, to […]