Keeping Your Pet Out of Your Garden


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Anyone would want their dogs to be happy and have a good time. However, no gardener will afford to have their vegetables and prized plants destroyed by pets despite their love for pets.

Almost all gardeners do all they can to help protect their seedlings from the claws, paws, and snouts of their domestic dogs. Soil softness does make them an easy target for the dogs to dig in. The sweetness and tenderness of the newly ripened fruits do act as a tempting invitation for any dog. Most of the gardeners and pet owners spend most of their time wondering how they will be able to keep their dogs out of their garden. The gardeners and pet owners will all try to figure out ways they can use to help protect their juicy, sweet and fragile plants keeping the pet welfare in mind. It means any method you will figure out will have to prioritize the dogs’ safety. Below are essential tips that will enable you to keep your pet from getting into the garden safely.

Consider Using a Wireless Dog Fence

Do you have small dogs? If yes, you can consider erecting a border by using a wireless dog fence. The fence will be of great help since it will help prevent the pets from tampering with the plants and seedlings. When you have bigger pets, you can decide to have your seedlings and vegetables enclosed in a wire cage. Ensure the cage has a top enclosure that will help keep off the pets and other animals such as deer and rabbits.

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Consider use of Animal Decoy

You can opt to make use of animal decoys to help in preventing pets from getting into the garden. For instance, you can consider purchasing two red lights that only work during the night. The lights will try imitating the wild and hungry predator eyes. Buying the lights isn’t that expensive.

Use of Water

Dogs never like showers. You can consider investing in a water sprinkler system. You can use this method to prevent pets from getting into your garden. It is one of the favorite techniques used by most gardeners. However, there are times when you might be forced to change the design of your garden to prevent the pets from getting into the garden when the water sprinkler does not cover most of the pets entryways.

Spraying Your Plants with Nasty Odor Spray

Any vegetable garden is considered to be a salad bar for your pet. To ensure you manage in keeping the pet away, you will have to spray plants using apple cider or the white vinegar. You can also consider planting marigolds between your vegetable rows that will repel the dogs together with other pests like whiteflies, aphids, Mexican bean beetles and squash bugs.

However, you will not have to apply the deer or rabbit repellents containing coyote urine. Most pets are known to love urine smell, and they will always roll in the sprayed plants.

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