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Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn is a primary focal point for guests to your home, but it’s not always easy to keep your grass in the shape you desire. Lawn mowing and maintenance with Ryno Lawn Care will help you discover how beautiful your lawn can be!

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We provide a broad range of affordable professional lawn services to help you meet your personal lawn care goals, most without contracts! It is the winning combination of customer-focus and expertise that has made our lawn service and landscaping stand out among the competition.

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Sod Installation

We offer the best sod installation prices in the area. Please call us for a free consultation and to find out the best grass type for your area.

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Lawn Fertilization

Six fertilization treatments per year help your lawn stay green and healthy while eliminating weeds.

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Aeration loosens the soil, so it's not so compacted and helps to create better grass growth.

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Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is essential in maintaining lawn health. You can hire us or read more for helpful diy tips and suggestions.

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By creating a beautiful landscape environment around your house, you can enjoy your outdoor space.  Let us do the dirty work.  We're here to help you.

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Lawn News

  • Solar Lighting For Your Landscape

    This is where solar powered outdoor lights shine. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) create light without producing the waste heat of regular bulbs, are very bright, and yet require a minimal amount of electricity to function. The result is a reliable, long-lasting light source that will typically work for the life of…

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  • Pre-emergent Weed Killer in the Spring

    Have you spent several hours pulling weeds by hand, or spraying weed killers repetitively to no avail? Looking for a better way to improve the appearance of your lawn? Pre-emergent is the weed control lawn care product that can offer you a respite from that aggravating problem! A Pre-emergent herbicide kills…

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  • Drought Tolerant Plants for Texas Landscaping

    Bookmark this page: We’ve put together a list of our favorite drought tolerant plants for Texas landscaping projects. Keep it handy by bookmarking this page. If you want Low Maintenance plants, this is your go to list. We use the plants below heavily in our Landscaping designs and highly recommend them for…

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