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Ryno Lawn Care

Awarding winning lawn services in North DFW for 10+ years.

Lawn Mowing Services

As low as $23.50 – Weekly Full Service Lawn Mowing & Maintenance – Contact Us for Scheduling

Lawn Fertilization Services

When you treat your grass to regular lawn fertilization, the deep, healthy green color will truly stand out in your neighborhood and make your home a real showplace.

Premium Sod Installation

Guaranteed Quality Sod. Bermuda – St. Augustine – Zoysia

Landscaping Services

From Garden Design to Stone & Brick Work Installation, we want to help you discover how beautiful your lawn can be.

Ryno’s Fertilization Program…

…will combine all treatments with a probiotic/organic product.  This product is changing the industry since it is not putting synthetic material into your turf.  Instead, it is putting microorganisms back in to your soil to help keep your plants/turf healthier throughout our extreme seasons.  This product has validated it’s capabilities of producing a sustainable plant, so much so it is used on many professional golf courses.

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Landscaping Design by Ryno

We design a picture of what it could look like with our professional landscape design app.

Landscaping Design App after 6b2

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Where to Place Landscape Lighting

Where to Place Landscape Lighting

When you home is perfectly landscaped and has various flowers, ornamental plants, and trees nestled throughout your property.  During the day the bright colors, and deep greens, along with the sprawling bushes look great. At night how can you really enjoy and appreciate the beauty that nature has given you?  Landscape lighting is as important and the plants them selves.  Sometimes the summer heat doesn’t […]

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Discovering The Beauty of Outdoor Water Features

Discovering The Beauty of Outdoor Water Features

Having a water feature installed in any garden space will bring a sense of calm and cool to your environment and lend a real air of tranquility that you may not have thought possible. Nowadays, there are seemingly limitless options when it comes to water features, with the majority of them pre-made and easily installed. Whether you prefer a wall fountain or a cascade feature, […]

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Ants In Yard Infestation Treatment

Ants In Yard Infestation Treatment

Texas is home to numerous species of ants, thus can be the most difficult pests to rid from your home, garden or lawn. Ants in yard infestation can wreak havoc on plant life and leave unsightly mounds in your lawn or garden. There two methods by which to resolve your ant problem, by extermination or prevention. Natural and organic solutions are safest when getting rid […]

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