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We offer a variety of services including landscaping, lawn leveling, and top dressing.

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Sustainable Lawn Care

Ryno Lawn Care always treats your grass with commercial-grade biological products that put micro-organisms back into your soil.

Our restorative process keeps your plants and turf healthy throughout the extreme seasons of North Texas.

Our methods are science-backed, and certified by some of the most respected labels in sustainable lawn care.

High-Quality Sod Selection

We offer the widest variety of warm-season grass types, perfect for green, lush North Texas lawns.

You can look forward to having a smooth sod installation process that will provide you with a durable, affordable, weed-free lawn to enjoy for many years to come!

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Enjoy a Weed Free Lawn

Our program uses organic, environmentally friendly, pet and kid safe fertilizers!

Our blend of fertilizer and soil amendments will give you the greenest lawn on the block.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Real Testimonials

I’ve been a customer of Ryno Lawn care for the past 3 years and I must say they have been the most professional and punctual company I’ve worked with.

Excellent service and quality. Ryan and Heath did a great job with the new sod installation. Ryno not only did a professional install, they adjusted and tested the sprinklers to ensure proper coverage and they cleaned up after the job to look like new!!

We have been using Ryno Lawn Care for about 2 years now and we love them! They are always on time and are quick. Plus they clean up!

Our Services

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Lawn Maintenance

From lawn mowing, tree and shrub trimming, flower bed cleanup, and leaf removal… We leave your yard looking clean, fresh, and well-maintained!
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Weed Control & Fertilization

Ryno’s lawn treatments eliminate weeds and bring out the beautiful green color… naturally!

Landscaping Service

From design to installation we will work with you to find the perfect landscaping to complement your home’s features.
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Premium Sod Installation

We offer the widest variety of grass types to choose from (many types of Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia) a guaranteed weed and pest infestation.
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“We realize the importance of making customers happy. We utilize every resource we have to provide the best work, at the best price. Our work isn’t complete until our customer is satisfied.”

Ryan Kennedy, Owner

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Conserve Water,

Save Money

Keep your grass well-nourished and beautiful without depleting the earth’s supply of fresh, clean drinking water.

One of the greatest consumers of public water is lawn and landscaping irrigation. However, it is possible to have a nice lawn and save water. Our professional lawn irrigation service can install and maintain your system saving you time and money while conserving water.

We’ll help you choose the best lawn irrigation system to suit your needs while considering your wallet, the aesthetics of your landscaping, and the resources you already have in place.

Take Your Lawn to the

Next Level!

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Full Service

Lawn Care

We know that there’s more to lawn care than just mowing and watering. If you have wondered why your lawn never seems to thrive, want interesting and impressive landscaping options, or want to reclaim your weekends…

Our professionals will keep your lawn healthy, beautiful, and growing strong throughout the year.

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