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North Texas lawns go through extreme temperatures every year.  Ryno’s Lawn Fertilization Program in Corinth, TX will keep your grass and plants healthy and strong.

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Fertilization Program

Following a weed and feed schedule every year reduces the potential for weeds and other lawn diseases. Ryno’s fertilization program includes 8 application per year:

  • 3 applications of pre-emergent per year
  • 2 applications of the pre-emergent will be scheduled before and during Spring, and the other will be a winterizer scheduled during Fall
  • 3 applications of a slow release nitrogen based fertilizer during the Spring/Summer months
  • We also will include one round of a systemic treatment to help control grub worms

When applying fertilizers, your lawn should be clear of any extreme heat or cold such as heavy frosts. Different areas and grass species require different applications.  For example:

  • If you have different soil types – Some fertilizers work better in specific soils. Clay soils are more difficult to fertilize and may need soil amendments such as sand.
  • Nutrient levels might be lower or higher based on soil type, and water absorption.  Alkaline soils and Acidic Soils are common, but require very specific types of fertilizers.  We can test your soil to know how to treat it.

Weed Killers

Not all weed killers are created equal. Pre-emergent herbicides kill the weeds before they emerge from the ground, thus should be applied early in the season before these weeds take over. Post-emergent herbicides kill the weeds once they have come up and should be applied when you see the weeds.

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