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Argyle Sod Installation

Bermuda - Zoysia - St. Augustine

North Texas Grass for Sod Installation in Argyle, TX and northern areas of DFW. Our grass has No Weeds, No Pests and comes with the best warranty in the industry.

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Why Ryno Lawn Care ... for Sod Installation in Argyle, TX

If you need fresh, weed free sod installed, look no further. Ryno Lawn Care has received an A+ rating from the BBB and voted as a Neighborhood Favorite on Nextdoor. We promise to deliver and install the top, highest quality sod from the DFW metroplex. 

Call us today and we’ll evaluate your yard and soil, so that together, we can choose the absolute best sod for your lawn. Our sod professionals are available to answer any questions that you may have.

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Choose Your Grass Type for an Argyle, TX lawn.

Before sod of any type is installed, you will should consider which type of grass your lawn needs.

Think about how much sun and shade your lawn gets.

Different grass types have different needs and some do better than others in certain conditions. 

Our lawn techs are extremely knowledgeable in Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine, which are the 3 most popular grass types in North Texas.

How to fix thin bermuda grass
Bermuda Grass

Bermuda is known for having a substantial tolerance for heat and drought. It can tolerate heavy foot traffic and will recover quickly from it. It is easy to maintain and spreads quickly.

st. augustine grass
St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine requires a moderate level of maintenance and is heat, humidity, and salt tolerant. It does well in full sun, but can also tolerate shade.

Zoysia Grass
Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass is well-known for being cold resistant and able to tolerate some shade. It is also easy to maintain once it has established itself.

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After Sod is Installed:

  • Water consistently and daily until sod has rooted.
  • Once sod has established itself, begin mowing.
  • Minimize foot traffic for 1 month.
  • Perform daily checks to make sure soil is moist.
  • Treat with lawn fertilizer once sod has rooted.

Varying moisture levels in soils of pallets can cause visual differences for a few weeks.

Over time, sod pallets will blend and have a uniform appearance.

Take a look at your sprinkler system and make sure that all areas of grass are receiving water.

Pallets need time to root before they blend.

Sod Installation Tips for Argyle, TX

Whether you DIY it or call Ryno Lawn Care

Our Customer Reviews Speak for Themselves

See what people have been saying about Ryno Lawn Care

100% great experience with Ryno Lawn Care from the first contact on! We requested a bid and they came out within a day or two and provided a complete and professional bid. They scheduled the job and had the entire front and back yard completely resodded within about four hours. This included removing existing grass and completely tilling the ground and laying topsoil. The entire operation worked together like a well-oiled machine...we were home at the time and it was impressive to watch them work and to see the transformation of our yard. It looks amazing! They also sent many informative emails for lawncare including the watering schedule and suggested fertilization.

Tremendous customer service! Got me estimates on everything I asked for and also provided detailed descriptions of each process. I had new zoysia sod installed in my front yard along with a ton of mulch for my surrounding flower beds. They did an amazing job and my neighbors are commenting how well it looks everyday! I also signed up for the fertilization treatment plan to get my warranty on the lawn which is perfect since the last time I had sod installed in this area by someone else it died within a year and I did everything they told me to do....Thanks for your great work Ryno!

Ryno just installed Emerald Zoysia grass in our back yard. Before we signed the quote we had some concerns doing this in October vs. spring time. They were patient and responded kindly to all our questions and concerns. They did not like the first batch of grass, took it back and arrived with a new perfect one two days later. The work was done quickly and accurately and the cleanup was exemplary. Also we like the feeling that we can turn to them with all our yard concerns and they will try to help. Which matters a great deal if you're fairly new to the state and its climate. They are the best landscaping company we've come across.

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