How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring and Summer

feet on summer lawn

Spring is finally here and summer is not far away.  Your lawn and landscape experienced harsh conditions this winter. Your grass and plants are weak from the winter weather.  They are also hungry from being in dormancy.  Your garden is just itching to get going. Before you rush to your local lawn and garden store, …

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What Plants to Grow Now in Texas

basket of veggies in garden

Spring is here.  The weather is just starting to warm up.  This is the perfect time to plant vegetables. Vegetable gardening is a way to keep your whole family engaged in a productive and healthy activity.  Planting vegetables can be done cheaply and will save you more money in the long run. Home grown vegetables …

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What Grass Grows Well in the Shade?

shady front yard

Growing grass in shady areas can be tricky because even shade-resistant grasses need at least 4 hours of daily sunlight.  Everyone wants a nice, shady backyard on a hot summer day. Many people buy houses with trees and big shrubs or they decide to plant them on their own.  The issue is that as these …

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How Long Does Synthetic Turf Last?

artificial turf

Synthetic turf is a high-quality fiber made from a polyethylene material. Polyethylene is a type of plastic often used to make bottles and plastic bags. Artificial turf started becoming popular after it was used for Houston’s Astrodome’s baseball field in 1966. Synthetic turf has been seen more recently in residential lawns because it’s green year-round …

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Can You Do Gardening in Winter?

ornamental kale

Yes, you absolutely can.  You may be saying to yourself, “Well, it’s already February.  Winter is halfway over.  What can I really plant?” There are actually quite a few things that should be planted in winter, specifically, in February.  In addition to that, there are other “gardening” things that need to be completed such as …

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How to Prevent Fire Ants in Yard

fire ants

Fire ants are common lawn pests. They will invade every lawn at one point or another. Newly mated fire ant queens will quickly colonize your yard. Spring and fall are the times of the year when fire ants usually mate and reproduce. Also, new fire ant colonies seek out areas devoid of other colonies.  When …

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How to Keep Outdoor Potted Plants Alive in Winter

potted plants

When the temperature drops in winter, keeping potted plants alive is a concern for many.  All you have to do is give them some extra care to withstand the cold temperatures. One reason potted plants need extra TLC (tender loving care) in winter is that there is not much of a shield between the roots …

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Wild Aster Control, How to Get Rid Of

light purple wild aster flowers

Wild Aster The wild aster is a broad-leaf annual that typically grows all over the US. The plant goes by several different names including the lawn American aster or just the annual aster. It typically does well in warm climates and even though it produces some beautiful white flowers, the plant also gets very weedy. …

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