Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ryno Lawn Care, LLC?

We are a family owned business established in 2009, based out of Lewisville, Tx.  Over the years we have educated ourselves to become one of the industry leading lawn care companies in our area.  Our resources allow us to offer quality services at an affordable rate.

When will my service begin?

Our office will be notified once an estimate has been complete.  We will communicate any further information we may need to get your services started.  Once this is set up, we will inform you when to expect us to begin, and the ongoing scheduled day for your service.  Please keep in mind delays may occur due to weather, traffic, routes, machinery breaking down, etc.

How often will my property be serviced?

Lawn treatments are scheduled every 30-45 days depending on the level of service you signed up for.  Our mowing services follow a traditional mowing schedule that coincides with the growing season.  We will automatically adjust the frequency of services throughout the seasons.

What if I have a locked gate?

We ask that all back lawns are accessible while we conduct your service.  We offer free combination locks to help minimize the chance of a locked gate.  Discounts are not given if we aren’t able to enter the back lawn on your service day.  We will do our best to return, as long as it’s within our normal service route.  An additional trip charge might be added, if we have to return on a different service day that’s not in route.

What if I have a pet that plays in the back yard during the day?

We ask all pets, and their toys be secured during your scheduled service day.  Our crews will always make their best attempt to closed gates during and once finished.  We do recommend triple checking all gates before letting pets out.  Mistakes can happen, and we cannot be held liable for any pet escaping during or after a service has been completed.

Do you skip services if rain is in the forecast?

We have learned over the many years that our weather can be tricky to predict.  We plan on servicing your property business as usual each week, unless weather that day has stopped us in our tracks.  We will continue our routes the following day, if we were not able to continue the same day.  Properties will never be skipped, unless specified earlier by the client.

Do you require a credit card on file for recurring services?

Yes.  We require a credit card on file for all recurring services.  All completed services will be automatically charged the following day.   This requirement allows us to keep from any service interruption due to non-pay.  This requirement helps keep our clients billing more accurate, and efficient.  We are PCI compliant, so you can rest assured your information is safe in our CRM.

Do you offer landscape services as well?

Yes we do.  We have installed many new lawns, and upgraded many clients landscaping to give that instant curb appeal.  Our office will qualify all clients to make sure we can accommodate their request.  Landscape design fees may be applicable to your project, and will need to be collected prior to beginning this process.  Sod estimates will be given as quickly as possible, however manual estimates take a little longer if we can’t determine your estimate via satellite imagery.

What if there is damage to my property during a service?

We understand damage to property may occur.  Occasionally, grass will hide obstructions, or grow in tight areas that may cause damage while trimming.  This can be frustrating for our customers, so we strive to make inconveniences like these as stress free as possible. Ryno Lawn Care, LLC does not approve of work or estimates given by other companies without consent.  Please contact us to have damaged property (sprinkler heads, air conditioner lines, landscaping, etc.) repaired in a timely manner.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes.  We are fully licensed for any service that we offer that requires it by the state of Texas.  Our license information for irrigation and application of pesticides can be found on our website.  The State of Texas requires a minimal $2 million CGL policy which has been fulfilled.

What is your cancellation policy for projects and services?

We understand things can pop up unexpectedly.  All we ask is to be notified in a timely manner.  All recurring services require a 24 hour cancellation notice.  Projects usually take about a week prior to get prepared.  Please notify us within 48 hours to give us time to cancel any orders that might be in place.

Office Hours:

Monday thru Friday-8am to 5pm

Closed Weekends

(Crew members may be servicing properties after normal office hours to get that day’s list complete.  Weekends are used as make-up days from any delays that may have been caused earlier in the week.)