New Customers

Welcome to Ryno Lawn Care, LLC. We want to make sure our lawn care company exceeds your expectations by offering an unparalleled experience. We do this by offering convenient payment options including online payments for projects, or auto-pay for recurring services. Our complete dedication to our customers ensures quality services with reliable schedules. We offer a wide range of premium lawn care options. Recurring services require monthly billing, while others might be billed after each service or project is complete. Please communicate to us within a 24 hour time period for any changes. Communication and feedback are key for our success. Please let us know how we can make your experience the best for you.

Privacy Policy

Any information we collect from you on this site or any other means, will never be shared or abused in any way. We take your privacy very seriously and have taken necessary steps to ensure the security of your personal information. Our website is on a secure ssl certificate for encryption of your information. Our billing system is also PCI Compliant.

Weather/Holiday Delays

Please keep in mind there may be delays due to weather and/or holidays. We will continue our service routes the following business day, or until weather permits. Ryno Lawn Care, LLC operates all year round to keep up with our customer’s requests. Any schedule changes during the slower months will be communicated.

Pets, Debris, and Gates!!

Our crew members are informed to always close/lock gates once they exit a customer’s property. However, there is always room for human error. To ensure that an incident does not occur, we suggest to triple check any gates that you may have on the property before letting your pet outside. We also suggest that arrangements be made to keep pets secure during our scheduled visits. It’s recommend to clean all debris (dog toys, soccer balls, water hoses, etc.) that might be left in the lawn prior to your service day. This will help minimize any accidents that could potentially occur. Our crew members will do their best to accommodate any special instructions. Please make sure that your gate is accessible prior to our visit. Discounts will not be given for locked gates. We offer a complimentary combination lock to help minimize any chance of us not being able to access the backyard. 

Outstanding Balances

Ryno Lawn Care, LLC will make every attempt to contact customers for unpaid balances before pausing services.  Late fees may be added to invoices that have not been paid on time.  We always need current contact information, including phone and email addresses, to ensure we can communicate about any outstanding balances.  

Sod and Landscape Installation Warranty

Newly planted landscape or sod needs to be monitored daily. The number one reason for failure is due to watering issues. Please do not assume that your sprinkler system will water newly planted items adequately, even if it’s a new system. Adjustments to your sprinkler system, and hand watering might be necessary to help with establishment. Properties without an irrigation system will not qualify for any warranty on items that don’t survive. Please bring any stressed sod/landscape to our attention before it fails. We will not replace any landscaping or sod that is dead if communication hasn’t been made prior. Please pay close attention to the following details to ensure the success of your new landscape or sod.

Ryno Lawn Care, LLC offers a 30-day, partial warranty for your sod installation. Within the first 30 days, you might notice some discoloration of your new grass. This may be alarming, but is normal at the beginning stages of establishment. Your new sod should pop back to it’s original green color within 1-2 weeks of suitable watering. However, there is a chance a few pieces might not make it during the establishment period due to stress. Our warranty will cover up to 10 yards, per pallet installed, that fails to survive within the first 30 days. These pieces will be replaced only if they show no signs of recovery after 30 days of proper watering.  Additional charges may be applicable depending on that amount needed to be replaced.

Ryno Lawn Care, LLC offers a 30-day full replacement warranty on our landscape installations. This warranty will cover a one-time replacement of any plants/shrubs/trees purchased, and installed by the company that fail to survive within the first 30 days of installation. A 50% rebate is offered towards the replacement of any plants/shrubs/trees purchased and installed by the company that fail to survive up to 90 days after installation. Relocating/moving trees once planted will void all warranties.

Our warranty for sod and landscape will not cover loss due to improper care by homeowner, vandalism, theft, animal/insect damage, improper applications of pesticides and/or fertilizers, fungus, and lack of sunshine or water. Our warranty will not cover any loss due to fire, frost, flooding, or any other Acts of God or extreme heat/cold weather. All balances on the customer’s account must be paid before any warranty requests will be approved by management. Fertilization and maintenance programs are offered to help nourish your new landscape to keep it healthy. Please inquire within.

Damage to Property

We understand damage to property may occur.  Occasionally, grass will hide obstructions, or grow in tight areas that may cause damage while trimming.  This can be frustrating, so we strive to make inconveniences like these as stress free as possible. Ryno Lawn Care, LLC does not approve repair costs given by other companies without consent.  We have our own resourses to quickly solve this type of issue.  Please contact us to have damages(sprinkler heads, air conditioner lines, landscaping, etc.) repaired in a timely manner.

Unsatisfied Service/Dispute of Service

Feedback is key for us to give customers the best experience. Please contact us within 24 hours if you are not happy with your service, or if you feel service wasn’t completed at all. We can re-send our crew to fix any issue that may have occurred at no charge. Any complaints addressed after the 24-hour window will be notated for the next visit. We will check our lists for completion of work if there are any disputes after the 24-hour period. A crew will be sent out to service the lawn if notified promptly. Any disputes after this time period may make it too difficult to distinguish whether the work was completed.

Social Media Bullying

Ryno Lawn Care, LLC understands the importance of providing an honest, dependable service to our customers. However, mistakes can happen. If for some reason we are at fault to not providing services up to our guidelines, then we will make every attempt to make things right within an adequate timeframe. We understand mistakes can cause frustration, and lead clients to share their experience on social media. This is ok by us, as long as it’s justified and wasn’t addressed by our company. However, our company does not tolerate any threats of social media posting to get something done in their favor. These actions will lead to an automatic termination of services, and the customer will be banned from activating services later on in the future. Professional communication is expected by our customers, as much as our customers expect it from us. We have worked hard for our reputation, and take great pride in offering trustworthy services.