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Stone Border Landscaping

Ryno Lawn Care now offers custom stone border landscaping services. For those who enjoy the rugged, natural appearance of hardscaping as a compliment to their plants and lawn, this is a beautiful choice. 

For over two decades, we have been designing and installing attractive landscapes for both commercial and residential lawns. We’re proud to add this attractive and functional amenity to our list of services. 

stone border
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Benefits of a Stone Border:

Installation Process

For most stone borders, a shallow trench will need to be dug for the foundation. Our lawn care experts will take the right measures to ensure the placement doesn’t interfere with any underground utilities. 

Once the trench is dug and leveled, we will add a layer of sand for the base. This helps keep the stones from shifting when the ground gets wet. 

Whichever material you’ve chosen will then be set into place, and we’ll pack the edges in with loose earth to secure the stones.  Our final step always includes a quality check, to ensure that you’re satisfied with the final product. 

  • garden rocks

    Garden Rocks

  • stone border with boulders

    Stone Border with Boulders

  • bedrock edging stones
    Bedrock Edging Stones
  • flat edging stones

    Flat Edging Stones Pathway

  • cut stone bricks

    Cut Stone Bricks

Popular Materials

Design Concepts

Stone border landscaping can be designed to match whatever you envision, whether it’s a complete lawn makeover, or an enhancement to existing landscape features. Small or large, tumbled or flat, ground level or even a full-height wall; we will help you bring it to life.

When it comes to lawn care, the experts at Ryno understand that there’s more to it than just maintaining your plants and grass. We’re prepared to help you create a gorgeous landscape with a variety of naturally sourced materials.