Landscaping Services

landscaping services stone work garden bordersAt Ryno Lawn Care we want to help you discover how beautiful your lawn can be with quality landscaping services!  We’ve been a full service landscaping company since 2006 for the North Texas area. 

From Design to Installation

You can expect quality from start to finish with Ryno.  We use a professional landscape design app to show you what your outdoor space can look like, with your ideas.


Landscaping Installations:

  • Install Stone borders for flowerbeds and walkways
  • Add Bedding soil to flowerbeds
  • Clean and mulch flowerbeds
  • Install shrubs and ornamental trees
  • Add/remove annuals and perennials
  • Design landscaping layouts and pathways
  • Wood Decks
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Around swimming pools


Landscape lighting placement
Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation

Landscaping Projects by Ryno Lawn Care

Stone Walkway Landscaping

  • stone patio walkway
    Stone Patio Walkway
  • stone gravel pathway walkway landscaping
    Rock & Stone Pathway Around House
  • fire pit stone landscaping sitting area
    Stone Fire Pit Sitting Area
  • landscaping stone walkway backyard
    Backyard Stone Pathway Landscaping
  • side walkway rock and stone
    Side Landscaping with Stone and Rock

Outdoor Kitchens Brick Work Landscaping

  • Stone Patio Kitchen
  • Outdoor Kitchen with BBQ Grill & Fireplace
  • Enclosed Outdoor Kitchen Area
  • BBQ Grill in Stone Under Pergola
  • bbq grill stone landscape outdoor kitchen
    BBQ Grill is a Must Have in Your Outdoor Kitchen
  • professional outdoor kitchen
    Professional Outdoor Kitchen by Ryno
  • backyard bbq in stone patio
    Small BBQ in Brick
  • brick stone work outdoor kitchen
    Brick & Stone Work, No Problem for Ryno

Flower Bed Landscaping

  • stone border flower bed landscaping stone walkway
    Flower Bed with Stone Border and Stone Walkway Landscaping
  • flower bed landscaping with plastic edging
    Flower Bed with Mulch and Plastic Edging
  • xeriscaping
    Backyard Xeriscaping
  • flower bed landscaping around pool
    Flower Bed Around Pool with River Rocks
  • flower garden stone rock border new mulch
    Flower Bed with White Brick and Rock Border