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Landscaping Services

At Ryno Lawn Care we want to help you discover how beautiful your property can be with quality landscaping services!  We’ve been a full service landscaping company since 2009 for the North Texas area. 

We offer two options for estimates. On-site visits have a $150 consultation fee.  Virtual consultations are complementary.

From Design to Installation

You can expect quality from start to finish with Ryno.  We use a professional landscape design app to show you what your outdoor space can look like, with your ideas.

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Landscaping Installations:

Stone borders for flowerbeds and walkways

Add bedding soil to flowerbeds

Clean and mulch flowerbeds

Install shrubs and ornamental trees

Add/remove annuals and perennials

Design landscaping layouts and pathways

Install Fire Pits

Landscape lighting

Around swimming pools

Ryno Lawn Care, LLC offers the best warranty in our industry…period.

Newly planted landscaping needs to be monitored daily. The number one reason for failure is due to watering issues. Please do not assume that your sprinkler system will water newly planted items adequately, even if it’s a new system. Adjustments to your sprinkler system, and hand watering might be necessary to help with establishment. Please bring any stressed landscaping to our attention before it fails. We will not replace any landscaping that is dead if communication hasn’t been made prior. Please pay close attention to the following details to ensure the success of your new landscape.

Ryno Lawn Care, LLC offers a 30-day full replacement warranty on our landscape installations. This warranty will cover a one-time replacement of any shrubs/trees purchased and installed by the company that fail to survive within the first 30 days of installation, excluding annuals. A 50% rebate is offered towards the replacement of any shrubs/trees purchased and installed by the company that fail to survive up to 90 days after installation. Relocating shrubs or trees once planted will void all warranties offered.

Our warranty for landscape will not cover loss due to improper care by homeowner, vandalism, theft, animal/insect damage, improper applications of pesticides and/or fertilizers, fungus, and lack of sunshine or water. Our warranty will not cover any loss due to fire, frost, flooding, or any other Acts of God or extreme heat/cold weather. All balances on the customer’s account must be paid before any warranty requests will be approved by management. Fertilization and maintenance programs are offered to help nourish your new landscape to keep it healthy. Please inquire within.

Landscaping Projects by Ryno Lawn Care

Stone Walkway Landscaping

  • stone patio walkway
    Stone Patio Walkway
  • stone gravel pathway walkway landscaping
    Rock & Stone Pathway Around House
  • fire pit stone landscaping sitting area
    Stone Fire Pit Sitting Area
  • landscaping stone walkway backyard
    Backyard Stone Pathway Landscaping
  • side walkway rock and stone
    Side Landscaping with Stone and Rock

Flower Bed Landscaping

  • stone border flower bed landscaping stone walkway
    Flower Bed with Stone Border and Stone Walkway Landscaping
  • flower bed landscaping with plastic edging
    Flower Bed with Mulch and Plastic Edging
  • xeriscaping
    Backyard Xeriscaping
  • flower bed landscaping around pool
    Flower Bed Around Pool with River Rocks
  • flower garden stone rock border new mulch
    Flower Bed with White Brick and Rock Border

Outdoor Kitchens Brick Work Landscaping

  • Stone Patio Kitchen
  • Outdoor Kitchen with BBQ Grill & Fireplace
  • Enclosed Outdoor Kitchen Area
  • BBQ Grill in Stone Under Pergola
  • bbq grill stone landscape outdoor kitchen
    BBQ Grill is a Must Have in Your Outdoor Kitchen
  • professional outdoor kitchen
    Professional Outdoor Kitchen by Ryno
  • backyard bbq in stone patio
    Small BBQ in Brick
  • brick stone work outdoor kitchen
    Brick & Stone Work, No Problem for Ryno