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Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Fertilizing your trees and shrubs is every bit as important as lawn fertilization

Ryno Lawn Care follows a specific set of steps to ensure that your trees and shrubs are getting the right fertilizer, applied at the right time, to ensure robust growth in balanced soil conditions.

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First, our experts will conduct a soil test to determine the pH. This informs us of any mineral deficiencies that need to be specifically addressed. 

While fertilizer is not literally “plant food,” it does provide plants with the nutrients they need to complete photosynthesis. Soil testing is critical to determining exactly what mixture to use when applying fertilizer, so the right balance of minerals are provided.

Examining a plant’s growth patterns will indicate whether they are getting too much or too little of something, be it sunlight, water, or minerals. 

Our  specialists take a trained eye to the leaves, twigs, and branches, to make note of any problems. Again, this information is used to determine what minerals the plant needs.

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The age of a plant directly affects how much fertilizer it needs, and what type will be most beneficial to healthy growth. For instance, younger plants do well with a slow-release mixture that will feed their developing root system over the space of a couple of weeks. 

If the home has a sapling or a freshly planted shrub, it is fairly easy to determine the age. But even if the homeowner does not know the exact ages of their shrubs and trees, our specialists can make an educated guess to inform appropriate fertilizing practices. 

If a plant’s growth pattern is delayed or seems anemic, the next step is to check for environmental causes. 

Even with a good balance of minerals, there are other factors that can affect the plant’s development. For this reason, we check for lawn disease, insects, weeds, and impacted soil. If one of these issues is identified, we will treat it as needed in addition to fertilizing. 

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Finally, watering your yard and plants shortly after applying fertilizer is imperative to maximum absorption. 

The pros at Ryno Lawn Care will either tell you how soon to water the area, or we will schedule a return appointment to irrigate the treated shrubs and trees.