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Landscape Lighting Installation 

Landscape lighting offers a broad range of benefits to a home’s outdoor living space.

Aesthetics, ambience, safety, and security are benefits of lights around your property.

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In addition to the investments made in attractive landscaping, there are several other factors contributing to a home’s exterior environment. The driveway, walkway(s), porches, back deck, and any other outdoor areas where time may be spent by a home’s inhabitants- all of these spaces contribute to the comfort and visual appeal of the front and back yard.

Ryno Lawn Care, LLC is dedicated to maximizing any home’s outdoor living space with landscape lighting installation services.     

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Adding Visual Appeal with Lights

Anything a homeowner wants to enhance can be done with landscape lighting. A colorful garden, a well-trimmed hedge of bushes, a large tree, or a seasonal decoration- all of these can be put in the spotlight. 

The same rings true for decks, patios, gazebos, and nicely decorated front porches. With quality landscape lighting, curb appeal does not have to end when the sun sets. 

When it comes to entertaining outdoors, low-set lighting along a pathway or at the edges of a back deck can be more subtle and inviting than brash overhead lights. This is especially true when one considers that, in the light of dusk or full nightfall, visible walkways are more functional than the diffuse lighting of overhead fixtures.

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Landscape Lighting Adds Security

Many forms of landscape lighting come along with motion sensors, which are an immediate enhancement to a property’s security measures. If a lurker is alerted to his/her own presence with a sudden flood of light, (s)he will be further deterred by the fact that the residents of the home are also surely aware of their trespass. 

Even lighting that isn’t motion-activated serves as a natural deterrent to burglars, as their actions cannot be carried out in the dark if there is no darkness. This also follows for smaller and furrier predators, such as foxes, raccoons, and the like. If slinking in the shadows isn’t an option, they likely won’t approach the property at all.

This means that a homeowner will benefit from expert advice- like what the professionals at Ryno Lawn Care have to offer- about the placement of landscape lighting. Dark corners, narrow pathways, and shadowed spots in the yard are all excellent areas to install low-to-the-ground lighting. But an expert eye will identify these areas more keenly than a resident whose domain has become second nature to their own eyes. 

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Adding Safety with Lights

Aside from the risks created by unwanted visitors, the basic safety of a home’s residents (and visitors) is also a key factor in choosing to install landscape lighting. Evening cookouts, trick-or-treating, or a simple game of Hide and Seek- these all become more hazardous with minimal lighting. 

Even a homeowner who is well-acquainted with their own landscape can still trip over a sprinkler head, or stub their toe where the grass ends and the deck begins. A child, who knows their yard well in the light of day, can still meet an unfortunate run-in with a shadowy shrub in a nighttime game of chase. 

Again, these incidents are entirely avoidable with a set of well-placed landscape lights. With modern technology and eco-friendly lighting options, this addition to a homeowner’s yard doesn’t need to be expensive- either immediately or in the long run. Ryno Lawn Care offers homeowners the trained eye and expertise of their landscaping professionals to ensure that all the right decisions are made in the process of installing quality, functional lighting that enhances both the safety and the ambience of the home’s exterior. Click here for a free service estimate. 

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