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Beneficial VS Problematic Insects

While there are numerous beneficial insects in your yard that assist with pollenation- and even with warding off unwanted pests- there are certainly a few exceptions.

Some of the insects on this list are only problematic in large numbers, while there are a few others that no homeowner wants any trace of in their yard.

Armyworms feed in morning and in nightime


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Ant infestations are evidenced by their presence on your plants, as well as the noticeable dirt mounds they build in your yard. While there are DIY methods for treatment, professional-grade insecticides tend to be most effective.
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chinch bug zoysia pest

Chinch Bugs

These pests act fast. The damage caused by chinch bugs become visible after only a couple weeks. It's best to get rid of them quickly or even better would be preventing them from invading your lawn. Ryno's insect control treatment is formulated specifically for chinch bugs, ants and army worms.

aphids on leaf


Aphids have long legs and soft bodies, and are typically found on the underside of a plant’s leaves.

They tend to stick to a single host without spreading to other species.

how to get rid of spider mites-insect control

Spider Mites

Spider Mites are thusly named as they have 8 legs with no antennae, yet they are still classed as insects.

Often residing on the underside of a plant’s foliage, they feast on a variety of vegetables and flowering plants. 

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