Lawn Mowing Services

Lawn-ServiceIt is recommended mow your yard on weekly basis as this will help ensure a lush, green lawn. Mowing grass that has grown too tall results in cutting too much length off the grass blades, which can result in a brown or yellowish discoloration of the lawn. The longer grass clippings can also contribute to an underlying condition called “thatch” that creates a carpet of clippings near the base of the grass preventing water, oxygen and nutrients from reaching the grass roots and require more maintenance down the line to keep your lush and green.

Services Include:

  1. Weekly mowing
  2. Edging sidewalks, pathways and Driveways
  3. Bush Trimming

Bi-weekly mowing is preferred in the offseason, cooler months, when the grass doesn’t grow as much.
As low as $23.50 – Weekly Full Service Lawn Mowing & Maintenance