Bistro Lighting on Patio

Bistro Lights

Bistro lights are thusly named for their popular use at outdoor cafes. Homeowners have come to enjoy them as well, for their ability to enhance the appeal of porches, decks, and the like. 

More subtle than traditional overhead lighting, yet more decorative than the larger fixtures used in landscape lighting, bistro lights (also known as string lighting) can add a festive nuance to any outdoor living space. For optimal placement and weather-safe wiring, Ryno Lawn Care, LLC can set them up properly.  

Bistro Lighting vs. Christmas Lights

Both forms of lighting require precision with the process of attaching them to the home and running the electrical source in a safe and discreet manner. However, Christmas lights have smaller bulbs and are not meant to be left up year-round. Bistro lights tend to be more globe-like, and can be left up as a permanent light source. 

Christmas lights glowing

Light Placement

Bistro lights can be added beneath a table umbrella, along the rails of a deck, or hung from the walls or ceiling of a patio area. Some homeowners even choose strategic placement for them around a pool area or gazebo.  Placement is dependent upon the proximity of outdoor outlets. Sorting out details such as length, design, and availability of a power source- these steps are where it becomes advantageous to call on the trained eye of an expert.  

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