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Why Is Lawn Aeration Important?


lawn aerationThere are a number of different ways to aerate your lawn, but you may be wondering why you should do it at all. Aerating on an annual basis is a very important part of lawn care maintenance. It relieves soil compaction that is caused by people and pets walking about on your yard.

The process allows air into the soil and lightens the texture of the soil. This helps keep your lawn healthy.
When you aerate, you can undo the damage caused by repetitive and habitual walking that causes paths to be cut through your yard. You can undo the bare spots caused by pets pacing back and forth or kids playing on outdoor play equipment.

Two Main Types of Aeration

1. Core Plugging/Aeration – This is the aeration method that most people are familiar with. With this method, a machine is used to remove soil plugs from the lawn. These plugs are left strewn about the surface of the grass. This method helps break up compacted soil and facilitates air getting into the grassroots system. Additionally, this type of aeration facilitates the delivery of nutrients and water directly to the roots. It’s best to use this method in the autumn. Follow-up with grass seed and fertilizer.

2. Aerovating – A different sort of machine is used for aerovating. It is equipped with rapidly vibrating tines that penetrate deeply and break up soil compaction in a very effective manner. It’s best to use this method on dry soil. If your soil is wet, you should use the core aeration method.

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It’s great to have an inviting lawn that increases your home’s curb appeal and value and provides you with more living space. Follow the aeration tips here to keep your lawn in perfect condition year round.

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4 Responses

  1. I’m ashamed to admit this but I haven’t been taking good care of my lawn. I didn’t aerate it for the past 4 years and I was wondering if it can be done now? I mean, I hope I haven’t messed things up beyond repair.

  2. Hi there, Great tips by the way and thank you. I did have a question though.
    I’m hoping you can answer it for me since you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about gardening.

    Can I use a plastic liner in a raised bed for vegetables?

    If you had some insight I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. That’s not a good idea. If your soil does not drain properly it can get waterlogged and cause root rot. That’s why your pots need holes at the bottom. We like to use rock gravel on the bottom of our container beds.

  3. Aeration is definitely one aspect of lawn care that I haven’t given much attention to at all lately. I can see how something like this will help us start on the right track when spring rolls around, as our property has some pretty needy grass. I’ll ask a lawn aeration expert to stop by and give us a hand as soon as possible so this can be done the right way.

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