Moisture Management

Moisture management is the practice of using products that optimize the absorption of water into your soil and root system. This method has been used for years on golf courses, and Ryno Lawn Care, LLC is ready to introduce its benefits to our customers’ yards.

Benefits of Moisture Management:

  • Minimize drought stress
  • Optimize water absorption
  • More consistent water availability
  • Reduce irrigation costs
  • Reduce wasted resources
  • Increase nutrient absorption
  • Combat/reduce dry patches
  • Reduce root shrinkage during dry spells
  • Reduce drought-related lawn disease
  • Optimize use of natural precipitation

Moisture management products are liquid and biodegradable, making them easy to apply and safe for the environment. They use a mixture of humectants and surfactants to ensure that all water made available to your grass is absorbed and utilized.


Surfactants enhance the water’s ability to soak through thick thatch around the crown of the grass bed, thereby increasing the amount of moisture that soaks into the topsoil.


Humectants bind to the roots of the grass bed, enhancing both the absorption and storage of available water in the soil.

Moisture management should be applied in every part of the lawn for best results. But if this option is not financially feasible for the homeowner, then the treatment should focus on areas of the yard that are historically prone to dry patches. This would include sloped or sandy areas.

Best Results:

  1. Water directly after application process, to ensure thorough absorption.
  2. Fertilizing shortly after will also boost effectiveness.