Planting Grass Seed in Summer

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Finally, the season of sun and sand has arrived. With family vacations and weekend road trips, summer can be a busy time. Yet we think it’s important to take it easy once in awhile, enjoying the warmth and greenery of your own backyard.  Did you know there are several breeds of grass you can successfully […]

Choosing a Grass-Friendly Weed Killer for Your Lawn

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Every home deserves a beautiful yard, but it’s important to be sure you’re taking the right steps to keep it healthy. Weeds are always enemy #1 in your yard, so finding an herbicide that doesn’t harm the grass is the best way to protect your landscape. With so many options on the market, it can […]

Caring for St. Augustine Grass

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If you live in the southern United States, you may have St. Augustine grass – known scientifically as Stenotaphrum Secundatum. Many people enjoy this grass for its excellent ability to grow and thrive in both tropical and sub-tropical climates. It is typically spread via stolons (creeping, horizontal stems), and often referred to as runners because […]

Best Methods of Care for Your Zoysia Grass

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass loves the hot summer months of June, July, and August because it thrives in warm temperatures. However, this means careful maintenance and attention are required during the cooler seasons to ensure its survival. If you love how Zoysia grass looks in your garden, it’s imperative to adopt an effective care schedule to support its […]

Great Tips for Effective Lawn Care

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What kind of grass do you have in your lawn? The care your grass needs varies greatly, depending on the type and species. Some grasses do great with extreme sun exposure, while others will suffer from too much heat and light. Knowing your grass type and its specific needs is critical for providing optimal care. […]

Caring For Bermuda Grass

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Bermuda grass is considered one of the most terrific grass options for those living in a southern climate. It’s quite tough, capable of surviving extreme summer heat with very little water supply. With minimal care and maintenance, this grass can provide a lovely, hardy lawn cover. This special grass grows very low and is lovely […]

Lawn Weed Control Service

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What homeowner likes weeds on their lawn? Even a small or a single weed can ruin the look of a beautiful, well-maintained lawn. Weeds grow annoyingly quick, which makes it hard if you just yank them out. Weeds grow and compete for the nutrients and sunlight needed to nourish your grass. The worst thing is […]

Lawn Mushroom Killer – Simple Steps to Eliminate Lawn Mushrooms


One of the primary reasons for maintaining your lawn is that you want a remarkable spot to relax and bond with your family. But, how can this be possible if mushrooms are pestering your lawn? Lawn mushrooms are considered to be one of the most common landscaping problems. Even if you put in your best […]

Best Soil Amendments for Lawns


Are you searching for a solution to transform your lawn into the lush, healthy one you desire? Different from fertilizers, soil amendments, such as compost and lime, can come to the rescue. Soil amendments, also called soil conditioners, can often be overlooked and confused with fertilizers. However, they are not the same. Each plays a […]

How to Get Rid of Broadleaf Weeds

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Weeds can be a headache to landscape owners. Your beautiful and colorful garden can turn into a messy space. The expensive flowers, effort, and time will be useless in a snap. Take the time to address weeds quickly, to prevent a more expensive and time consuming issue. Removing the broadleaf weeds can be easy, however […]