How to Care For Zoysia Grass

How to Care For Zoysia Grass

Maintaining Your Zoysia Grass The basic care for Zoysia lawns will be dependant upon soil fertility, rainfall, full sun or shadier area, grown north or south. Good soil fertility, full sun, high rainfall, southern growing area = better than average growth. Which will in turn needs to be mown more than northern, cooler temps, average rainfall = less mowing. Fertilizing Most people do not fertilize the […]

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How High to Mow Lawn

Mowing grass at or near the optimal mowing height will keep grass healthy and dense.  Higher density means more soil surface shading, which severely restricts the germination of many annual grassy and broadleaf weeds. Maintaining a dense and healthy turf is the best weed control. Seasons, weather, and nutrient availability, are some of the many things that can affect grass growth. The best and most […]

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When to Mow a New Lawn

Laying a new lawn increases the beauty of the property as well as improves the value of your property. Sod installation is very effortless once you decide and prepare the yard. Sod is grass which is planted by seed on special farms. They are then harvested by cutting a thin layer of soil which is generally the top soil. Sods are then stacked or rolled […]

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