Daisies vs. Asters: What is the Difference?

black foot daisy

If you’ve got an eye for beautiful flowers, you’ve no doubt noticed that the well-loved daisy has a striking resemblance to her “weed” cousin, the aster. So what is the difference, and who much does it matter for lawn lovers who wish for a lovely landscape without intrusive species? The predominant plants found in the […]

Neighborhood Favorite Award!

neighborhood favorite

Thank you to all of our customers who provided feedback. Ryno Lawn Care wins the NextDoor neighborhood favorite award!   blogadminHello, my name is Justin.  I manage the blog here.  Hope you enjoy these posts.  Let me know if you have any questions or just want to say hi.

Are Pentas Toxic to Dogs?

pentas flowers

Anyone who is both a garden lover and an animal lover knows the importance of determining which plants may or may not be harmful to pets and children. So how do you know whether Pentas flowers are or aren’t safe for you and yours? The tricky thing is that all plants have at least 2 […]

Ryno Lawn Care in Lewisville

ryno lawn care

If you are interested in improving the appearance of your home for your own enjoyment or resale value, carefully selecting your lawn care services is extremely important. Many families in the Lewisville area have made this decision, and there is a reason why a great number of them have turned to Ryno Lawn Care LLC […]