How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Hydrated in the Summertime

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Sometimes I’m amazed at how thirsty I don’t even know I am. Have you ever gotten a hold of an ice cold glass or bottle of water, taken a chug, and had your body say, “YES! I need more”-? There are few things more refreshing than realizing you’re thirsty- and then hydrating. This is true …

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Proper Ways To Water Plants in the Sun

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Of course, most plants need adequate water to survive. However, over watering can be detrimental. There are limitations and guidelines to follow when watering your plants. Consider the weather, type of plant, time of the year, and type of soil. For you to prevent the plants from getting wilted, especially during summer days, supply them …

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Lawn Watering Guide


More water is being wasted in lawns than any other place. A lot of people simply don’t realize how much water they are using and most times, it’s too much. Over-watering can cause issues like weed infestation and lawn diseases. We’ve created this lawn watering guide to help you set up your lawn water sprinkler …

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Best Time To Water Lawn in Hot Weather

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Humans need water to survive because water re hydrates and rejuvenates vital organs of our body and mind. Just like humans, our plants as well are living organisms and require same treatment for effective growth all year round through the process of watering it. The best time to water lawn during hot weather is a …

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Keep Your Grass Green In Hot, Dry Climates

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In hot, dry climates, keeping a lawn green becomes more and more challenging. Switching out some areas of lawn for drought resistant plantings is a good idea; however, for those areas of lawn you wish to keep, simply changing your care habits can help you keep green, healthy grass throughout the growing season. Here are …

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Water Usage in Frisco Back to Weekly

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Residents of Frisco, TX have responded greatly to the water restrictions set by the city. North Texas has experienced severe drought conditions for several years. Now, residents can go back to watering weekly, per city council mandate. And, it should get better from here. The North Texas Municipal Water District approved a measure to return to …

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Lawn Watering Tips During Draught

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Homeowners know how important water is to maintaining healthy lawns. During times of drought, however, local water supplies can become so depleted that cities must enact drought contingency plans to conserve water. These plans approved by the state, set forth restrictions for water use based on water supply, lake levels and weather conditions. You can …

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Watering your lawn in North Texas

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Many people yearn for lush, green grass in their yards, but can never seem to achieve the exact desired results they are looking for. This is because they are using too much or too little water for the grass to grow correctly. Do you know about watering your lawn in North Texas? Many people take …

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How Often You Should Water Your Lawn

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If you love keeping your lawn a lush, gorgeous green throughout the summer, you may have been feeling guilty during the recent drought in North Texas. Luckily, there’s not really any reason to. You can have a good looking lawn and conserve water if you know how and how often you should water your lawn. …

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