CleanupSoil rejuvenation is an important component of general lawn and garden care. While it is true that plants make their own food through the process of photosynthesis, they need the right nutrients to complete this process.

The soil is somewhat of a “buffet” of minerals and microbes for the various plants it hosts. But it doesn’t always offer the healthiest options without a little bit of help. For this reason, lawn care experts like Ryno Lawn Care, LLC offer soil rejuvenation services.  

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Soil is not simply “dead” dirt with a few incidental minerals to offer. It’s actually a vibrant ecosystem of microscopic life, that interacts symbiotically with the macroscopic plant life it supports. Therefore, there are several factors to consider regarding the health of soil, beyond simple fertilization practices.  

That is where Ryno Lawn Care, LLC steps in, offering valuable experience in the provision of soil rejuvenation services. This is not a straightforward process, as it needs to be tailored to each yard’s specific needs. 

Contributing Factors: 

Many homeowners take several steps to keep their soil healthy and balanced. These steps are effective at providing both minerals and beneficial microbes, and ensuring that the soil can breathe.  

core-aerationCommon Lawn Care Practices For Soil:

It is important to know what soil needs in order to remain balanced and healthy, so that a well-informed homeowner understands the WHY of the aforementioned tasks. 

Common Nutrients Found in Healthy Soil

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Even experienced homeowners with an avid green thumb sometimes need help in keeping their soil balanced. Ryno Lawn Care, LLC is available to assist with pH testing, troubleshooting, and any other measures necessary to rejuvenate your soil in order to maintain a healthy lawn.  Click here for a free service estimate.