Top Tips for Fall Lawn Prep

fall lawn care, yellow leaves in a field of green grass

Taking care of the lawn during the fall season can help you reap the fruits of your efforts in the spring. Some people do not care much about their lawns during the fall because they think there’s nothing to be done as their grass and foliage winds down for winter.  This is simply the wrong […]

Winter Lawn Care Tips

hard freeze frozen lawn

While winter lawn care is certainly less involved than what’s required in other seasons, your yard still needs a bit of TLC in order to remain healthy. Most of your autumn prep work should be completed by now. Here in the North Texas where the winters are fairly mild, there are still a few measures […]

Lawn Aeration and Seeding

lawn aeration

Remedy for a patchy and unhealthy lawn: When you lawn is looking less green and has more spots of yellow than you care to admit, perhaps it might be time to consider lawn aeration and seeding.  Several factors can contribute to you lawn not looking its best, but being proactive can put you on the […]

How to Improve Clay Soil For Lawns

amend clay soil

Amending Clay Soil For Lawns To improve clay soil for lawns, you will need to apply organic matter by a process called topdressing.  Topdressing is generally performed once or maybe twice a year in some cases. For correct topdressing you apply a thin layer of organic matter over your grass. Applying a layer of 1/4 […]