How To Deal With Drainage Problems In The Garden

Poor drainage can drown your flowers and affect your garden plants. Improve the drainage situation to prevent creating hazards and destroying your plants. The following steps help you transform the poorly drained area into an amazing looking garden.   Gardening in wet areas has drawbacks, but it offers great possibilities. Having an extremely damp area in your property poses problems to your gardening venture. Turn the […]

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List of Flowers That Attract Bees

List of Flowers That Attract Bees

Bee populations are on the decline.  Without bees pollination would not possible for some plants to survive. Pollination is the process when pollen is transferred from one flower to a second flower of the same species. The fertilize it a transferred pollen begins the process of fruit and seed production. A few plants can pollinate themselves, yet most require the help of pollinators like insects, […]

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