How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Hydrated in the Summertime

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Sometimes I’m amazed at how thirsty I don’t even know I am. Have you ever gotten a hold of an ice cold glass or bottle of water, taken a chug, and had your body say, “YES! I need more”-?  There are few things more refreshing than realizing you’re thirsty- and then hydrating. This is true […]

Proper Ways To Water Plants in the Sun

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Of course, most plants need adequate water to survive. However, over watering can be detrimental. There are limitations and guidelines to follow when watering your plants. Consider the weather, type of plant, time of the year, and type of soil. For you to prevent the plants from getting wilted, especially during summer days, supply them […]

Automatic Sprinkler System Cost

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Sometimes watering your lawn can be difficult to do consistently.  Following a water schedule and knowing when to deviate from that schedule is not an exact science.  You can never predict how much rain you will actually receive when you have storms or heavy rain and flooding.  The solution is utilizing a sprinkler system to […]

Does Hydretain Work?

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Yes, Hydretain works amazingly well to manage your water moisture from the roots up. We highly recommend it! Using Hydretain can reduce your watering by up to 50%!  Contact us for a price estimate.  We can apply this and check your irrigation system for efficiency in the DFW area. Here’s a video to see how […]

Water Usage in Frisco Back to Weekly

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Residents of Frisco, TX have responded greatly to the water restrictions set by the city. North Texas has experienced severe drought conditions for several years. Now, residents can go back to watering weekly, per city council mandate.  And, it should get better from here. The North Texas Municipal Water District approved a measure to return to […]

Lawn Watering Tips During Draught

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Homeowners know how important water is to maintaining healthy lawns. During times of drought, however, local water supplies can become so depleted that cities must enact drought contingency plans to conserve water. These plans approved by the state, set forth restrictions for water use based on water supply, lake levels and weather conditions. You can […]