While the term “armyworm” refers to a variety of species in their larval stage, fall armyworms are specifically the larvae of the Fall Armyworm Moth. These pests enjoy munching on all manner of plant life, including crops, garden plants, and lawn turf. 

Fall armyworms are brownish-green with vertical yellow and orange stripes. They reach a length of about 2 inches, and spend much of their time above ground so they can feed on leaves, stems, etc.

The larvae will often leave foliage looking “ragged,” with occasional pollen-like dust around the base of a leaf. Aside from this form of damage, the best way to identify them is to take a close look for the caterpillars themselves around any plants or turf that appear to have been assaulted.

While the adult version of this bug (moths) are harmless to crops and other plants, the larvae can leave lasting damage on grass, crops, and garden beds. Ryno Lawn Care is well equipped to eradicate these menaces from any lawn they’re found to be feasting in.

Armyworms feed in morning and in nightime
Armyworm beneath a damaged leaf.