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Spring Lawn Care Steps


dormantDormant grass is in process of resuming its growth cycle.  As temperature warm and rains begin to fall, this signals the start of you grass growth, therefore it will soon be time mow your yard. Here are a few Spring Lawn Care Steps.

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Lawn Mower Maintenance

  1. Tune up your mower. Change the oil, air filter and spark plug.
  2. Cleaning the top and undercarriage, removing dirt and grass clipping. Don’t flip a gas mower over to clean underneath; simply lift one side and brush away dried grass. If dried grass has hardened, loosen with a hand trowel or putty knife.
  3. Sharpen the mower blade, and replace it if it has large nicks or gouges. Keep an extra blade on hand so you always cut with a sharp edge.

Lawn Clean Up

  • Walk over your lawn and gather any twigs, branches or other debris that has appeared over winter.
  • Adjust the mower to cut grass at the highest possible settings. Tall grass sinks deeper roots and crowds out weeds. The rule of thumb for mowing is to remove only one-third of the total grass blade length at a time.
  • Edge beds in early spring is recommended, soft soil makes edging beds a breeze to do.  Maintain this edge with a weed or edge trimmer throughout the growing season.
  • Shredded mulch provides a protection as well as a refine appearance for planting beds. Mulches provides color and help prevent weed growth by blocking access to the sun. Add a 2- to 3-inch layer around your plants.
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Spring Lawn Care Steps is a great start for your lawns growth. To maintain a healthy and green lawn, it takes more than mowing on a regular basis. If your lawn is compacted soil or has heavy thatch build up, thus it would be prudent to dethatch your lawn or aerate your soil.

Additionally following a fertilization schedule will keep your grass fed and growing, also suffocating out weeds that you may have and prevent weeds from establishing in the future.  Depending on the condition of your lawn and you at least want to fertilize twice a year if your lawn is already healthy. If your lawn is worn or has problem areas a fertilization schedule of 4 times annually is recommended.

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  1. Starting fresh and working on lawn care during the spring season definitely feels like a good idea. If we can make the most out of this opportunity, we could easily bring this property back to life and make it easier for us to maintain it all the way throughout the year. I’ll go and ask a lawn care service for some help when the time comes so we can do things like aerating and fertilizing the right way.

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