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Zoysia Grass

Best Methods of Care for Your Zoysia Grass


green lawn weed control fertilizationZoysia grass loves the hot summer months of June, July, and August because it thrives in warm temperatures. However, this means careful maintenance and attention are required during the cooler seasons to ensure its survival.

If you love how Zoysia grass looks in your garden, it’s imperative to adopt an effective care schedule to support its health throughout the year. As a perennial plant, Zoysia Grass has a long life span when properly handled. This grass can make your lawn look great because it provides a low, dense, and high quality turf. If you maintain it correctly, it will provide a healthy, green lawn carpet year-round.

Zoysia grass is very tough and strong, capable of sustaining the daily wear and tear of a frequently-used lawn. It sustains active growth even with regular traffic, and boasts a high salt tolerance so long as it gets adequate sunlight. 

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Here are some tips to ensure you’ve got the right information to care for this grass properly:

• Mowing Schedule

Before April ends, make sure to cut the grass to the shortest length possible. This removes any low-lying debris buildup, such as sticks, rocks, and loose dirt. You’ll also expose it to more heat and sunlight, allowing it to regrow and produce new leaves. During the summer months, while it’s at its peak, mow it regularly at about 1.5 inches. Come September and through the autumn months, adjust the height to 2 inches when you mow. In the winter, the grass may turn light brown and go dormant, making mowing unnecessary for the season.

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• Fertilizing

Fertilization is essential for Zoysia grass to maintain top-quality growth. Some grasses only need this done once per year, but your Zoysia will thrive with a bit more nutrition. During the peak months of summer, make sure to give it 3 fertilizing sessions. The first session, however, should be done before summer begins. It is advised that 3/4 -1 pound of nitrogen should be applied to every 1000-sq. foot area.

• Watering

Less water is more when caring for Zoysia grass. The grass has a high tolerance to drought and dry seasons, so unnecessary over-watering is to be avoided.

• Pest Control

Most of the time, Zoysia grass is weed and insect free, but any infestations ought to be addressed quickly. Spot-spraying with herbicide or insecticide will effectively address intrusive weeds and ant mounds without damaging your grass.

• Aerating

Aeration is another important practice when caring for Zoysia grass, preferably done sometime in June or July. This helps remove excess thatch in the grass, and allows soil compaction for optimal turf root.  This practice is only needed on a yearly basis.

Follow the tips above and you can expect healthy, hearty green Zoysia grass throughout the year.

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  1. I want told that this grass should be mowed every other day by one person and another said no more than 2 times week. Now I am not sure which to believe or go by. My husband is very anal about the front yard looking nice and I want to make sure we have a good schedule set up for this as I mow the lawn as well when he is out of town on business. For zoysia, how many times per week would you recommend?

  2. I’m interested in Zoysia grass but a good local st Augustine works as a second choice. I have only a small front yard which is partially shaded and may or may not work with zoysia . Regardless I’m taking quotes

    Tom Crews

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