New Sod Watering Tips

New Sod Watering Tips

How Much to Water Water is essential to all life…too little water and we die, too much and we drown. The same is true of the grass in our lawns. Water makes up 70% to 80% of the weight of our lawn grasses and the clippings alone are nearly 90% water. While most people are concerned about not watering their lawns enough. Following these new […]

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Best Grass for North Texas

Click the arrows to show the Top 3 Grasses for Texas. Sod or Seed? There are some things to consider when deciding whether to install sod or plant seed. Things to take into account include time, budget, and experience. Even though grass seed is not all that cheap, it is less costly to purchase and sow when compared to the cost of having sod installed. […]

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DIY Sod Laying Tips

Laying sod is the fastest way to produce an attractive lawn. Check out this quick video for some useful diy tips. Laying sod, whether for a new lawn or for a lawn you are renovating, requires careful attention to proper handling and installation. Sod comes in rolls or in large square or rectangular sections that must be cut to size to cover all areas of […]

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How to Install Sod in Your Yard

This video shows you how to install sod in your yard.  You will notice the yard is already prepared for sod installation. For premium sod installation by a professional Call us for a free estimate Today at: (214)728-8894 To prepare yard before installation you will need to: Remove weeds and debris Establish a rough grade and eliminate low spots Spread and rototill a minimum of […]

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