Caring for Crape Myrtles: A How-To Guide

crape myrtle tree drought resistant

Crape myrtle, a magnificent shrub that originated in China and is also known as loosestrife, is a genus of over 50 tree and shrub cultivars. These plants are extremely diverse. A few being deciduous and some evergreen; their sizes start from barely a foot tall, diminutive variants to towering titans that may reach heights of […]

Tree and Shrub Fertilization and Care


Keeping your lawn and landscape beautiful is about caring for every plant you’ve chosen to cultivate in your yard. Your trees and shrubs need a lot of the same nutrients as your grass, but the tasks of fertilizing and general care are a bit more involved than just mowing and watering. While trees and shrubs […]

What Equipment is Needed for Tree Removal 

storm damaged tree

Do you want to remove excessive trees from your land or back yard? Or you want to start a tree removing business? Do you know how to cut trees? Are you searching for tools and types of equipment to remove trees? If you want to know something about cutting trees, this article may be helpful […]

Best Root Killer For Trees – Stop Tree Roots From Growing

kill tree roots

Trees are beautiful and they offer many benefits for your yard and landscape: shady canopy of leaves, a bit of privacy, and a habitat for friendly wildlife. However, at times, trees can be a headache to deal with when their growth encroaches on other parts of your property. Common Issues Tree roots grow into pipes […]

What To Do About Storm Damaged Trees


When the storm passes! After a severe storm, many homeowners wonder “what to do about storm damaged trees?” Trees have an amazing ability to recover from storm damage. Hasty decisions can often result in removing trees that could have been saved. Look around Approach damaged trees with extreme caution—stay clear of downed wires and call […]