Leaf Clean Up In The Fall

Fall Lawn Care Tips for North Texas


fall lawn care tipsMany people think there is not much to do for lawn care in the fall season because grass stops growing as much.  What they don’t realize is how caring for your grass in the fall, helps provide a more healthy lawn and fast start in the spring.  Let me explain…

The summer months are hard on lawns and plants in North Texas.  During the hot weather your lawn uses a lot of nutrients from the soil.

If your grass and plants are weak during the fall season and go into winter with weak roots, then it will be difficult to survive and grow back in the Spring.  So the fall season is a good time to replenish your soil with the lost nutrients.

Fall lawn care is the ideal time to prepare your lawn, giving attention to the following tips below. Need some assistance from our professionals? Click here to visit our lawn care service page.

Continue Watering and Mowing

Continuing to water and mow your lawn during fall helps maintain the health of roots. 

You will want to drop the blade of the mower to the lowest level during the last two cuttings of the year. This is pivotal in allowing more sunlight to penetrate the crown thus less leaf will be turning brown as the winter comes.

Apply Pre-Emergent Fertilizer

You might notice your grass leaves growing more slowly when the weather turns cool, but what you don’t notice is the roots growing more quickly.  Fall is the time to apply a pre-emergent fertilizer,  to help the roots get those nutrients they need and to keep the weeds from growing into spring.

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Lawn fertilization in the fall is a great way to help give your grass and plant roots a boost before winter hits.  This is how your grass will come back to life in spring, with a lush green appearance free of weeds.

Soil Aeration

Aerating your lawn during the fall enables the oxygen, water, and fertilizer to reach the grassroots. Lawn aeration is usually done once per year and the fall season is a great time to do it.  Our aerating service for most lawns is about the same as renting an aerator and we do the work.  Ask us for a quote.

Leaf Cleanup

Raking the leaves is not very fun, unless you’re just watching your kids do it 😉  But, it is necessary to remove the leaves from the lawn as soon as possible.  Leaves covering your lawn can cause fungal diseases and root rot.  You don’t need to remove them as soon as you see a few falling from trees.  If you notice any area where it’s getting harder to see your grass because there are too many leaves, then you need to get those raked up and removed quickly.  Click here to visit our service page for affordable leaf removal!

Weed Control

Weeds tend to absorb a lot of energy and nutrients during the fall.  They really hurt your lawn’s chances of maintaining good health going into the dormant season.  We’ve already covered this a little in the topic of lawn fertilization. 

Using a pre-emergent helps prevent weeds.  If you already have weeds, you’ll want a post-emergent fertilizer, but you don’t want to be applying to much fertilizer at the same time or you could burn your lawn. 

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Instead, use the post-emergent fertilizer earlier in the year and if you still have weeds in the fall, you need to get your hands dirty and pull them out manually.  Or you could use a spot spray herbicide, but be careful with those around your plants.

Ryno Lawn Care can help you with all of these tasks in North Texas.  Request a quote here.

Hope these suggestions helped you and here is a good article for UK lawn care tips.

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