Fall front yard landscapingFall is a very symbolic time of the year. The leaves turn colors, the weather starts cooling off, and kids are back in school.  This lets us know that the holiday season is right around the corner and winter is following.  Many home owners love to decorate their homes during the fall season and planting your garden accordingly should not be any different!  Fall planting ideas for the front yard.

Fall Front Yard Plants

Your lawn is the largest part of your yard and should be the start of your curb appeal. Keeping your lawn trimmed and edged only enhances the lines and contours of your yard. Following up with the lawn should be some nice flowers and hedges.

Recommended Flowers For Your Front Yard

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Recommended Garden Plants

Front Yard Landscaping

There are key areas most folks will focus on when they view your home. Areas such as the driveway and walk way, the front porch and front door, as well as the front yard and trees.  Be sure to keep your follow a lawn maintenance plan to keep your grass well groomed.

Since daylight savings time changes in the fall season, a no brainer for recommendations would be to add accent and path lighting.  The night starts earlier and lighting will keep the your paths safe and looking good.

Using a mix variety of pots, planters,  and decorative features such as statues, baskets and other various props does highlight your landscape.  You can create endless combinations of plants and flowers with a ornamental statue, or rock formation.

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Creating Garden Beds

Garden beds can located in any number of spots throughout your yard.  Elevated flower beds are a good start.  Focusing the garden around key areas does look amazing, and it does not take a large garden to do so.

Fall Planting Ideas For The Front Yard are plenty when you combine some beautiful flowers, colorful plants and some imagination.  There are too many rules to follow to create that eye catching landscape.



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