• Firebush
    Long blooming, easy care tropical bedding plant with showy red–orange, tubular flowers. Great hummingbird attractant. Tremendous heat tolerance coupled with good pest resistance.
  • Zinnias
    Zinnias are reliable summer bloomers, thus filling the garden with long lasting flowers in many colors. You have the choice of small, single flowered thin petal zinnias to large pom-pom shaped.
  • New Guinea Impatiens
    New Guinea Impatiens
    Like most Impatiens, flowers bloom year round, but do not do well in full sun. Guinea Impatiens thrive in full sun. New Guinea Impatiens form small clumps and hold their many flowers above their foliage, where they make a colorful display.
  • Marigolds
    Marigolds are annuals that require full sun and well-drained soil. Marigolds come in white, yellow, red, and orange combinations of those colors. Marigolds help repel insect pests, so they're often planted in and around vegetable patches.
  • Scarlet Sage
    Scarlet Sage
    Scarlet sage is a perennial, however is typically grown as an annual. Red cultivars should be grown in full as well as keeping plants deadheaded for continuous summer blooms.
  • Snapdragons
    Snapdragon is another reliable annual with a long flowering season..They flower in almost all possible shades of pink, peach, yellow and red. Their base usually have a darker or contrasting color that adds to the variety.

When the summer heat takes hold, most gardeners get tired from working in the garden. To work smarter and save yourself from the hot sun, you need to look for flowering plants annuals that bloom throughout the summer season with little work involved. The good news is that you have a wide selection of summer blooms to choose from when planting your summer garden.  Check out the full sun annuals that bloom all summer below.

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Summer Blooms


Growing these annuals in a sunny location is key to long blooms. They flourish in hot weather but do need regular watering and feeding. Some deadheading might be required to see strong blooming flowers from these full sun annuals that bloom all summer long.


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  1. Great article! I have some of these plants in my yard. Marigolds are one of my favorite flowers but when I try to grow them they always get eaten by snails ):

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