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Southlake Sod Installation

Let the experts at Ryno Lawn Care help you with your sod installation in Southlake, Texas.

sod installation pallet in Southlake
Flower Mound Sod Installation process flower mound

Sod Installation Process

We use the highest quality grass for Sod Installation in Southlake, TX. Our process is straightforward and simple.  We will examine your premises and review your options with you. Once you have made your choice of grass type, you will be provided with a clear and detailed estimate of the cost of sod installation. We’ll set a time and date and appear promptly to install your sod using skilled methods that ensure success.

Our sod installation process includes removing the old turf, then tilling up the top soil. This procedures ensures the best results for the sod to grow. Once your sod is in place, we roll the sod to make sure it has the best contact with the soil so roots can take hold and spread successfully.

High Quality Sod – Guaranteed

For Sod Pricing please call us or fill out a quote request with the size of your area for new sod.  214-728-8894
With Ryno Lawn Care you have the widest variety of grass types to choose from:

bermuda grass when to seed


A preferred grass for warmer climates that don’t require very much water.

add lime to lawn to raise pH

St. Augustine

Great for shaded areas of your lawn, in addition to being drought tolerant.

Zoysia Grass


A well rounded southern grass that thrives in warmer temperatures that can also be drought tolerant.

We never have any problem with weed or pest infestation when using this excellent sod.

After New Sod Installation

After installation, we double-check all sprinkler heads to be sure they are operating correctly. If any sprinkler heads are damaged, we replace them. Your expert Ryno Lawn Care sod installer will go over sod watering procedures with you, to help you take care of your new grass.
Once all this is done, we don’t just ride off into the sunset. Your expert Ryno Lawn Care sod installer will follow up with you after a couple of weeks to find out how your grass is growing and answer any questions you may have. If you have questions or concerns before the two week follow-up, just call or e-mail us.

Guaranteed High Quality Sod