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Our lawn fertilization program is tops in the industry. The products we use to strengthen your grass is so loved that it’s also used on many golf courses.

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Full Service Weed Control

Knowing when to apply weed killers and what type to use is essential when it comes to weed control. There are different types of weed killers that should be applied at different times in the life cycle of the weed.

Your grass and soil types determine what are the best weed control products to use and Ryno Lawn Care can help you with that.  Contact us for a free evaluation.


Get the Greenest Grass, GUARANTEED!!

Ryno’s Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Program will Make Your Lawn Stand Out From the Rest.
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Weed Control Types of Treatment

Pre-emergent Fertilization: This type of fertilizer exterminates the weeds while they are still growing beneath the surface. Ryno applies this type of lawn treatment at times of the year before the weed has bloomed from the ground.

Post-emergent Fertilization: These fertilizers exterminate the weeds after they have bloomed from the ground.  Ryno will treat your lawn with this type of fertilizer at the times of year  when weeds are able to be seen above the ground.

When to Apply Treatments

For the most part, periodically applying lawn fertilizer over the course of a year is normal.  4-8 applications is normal, depending on what type of fertilizer being used.
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Slow release fertilizers

Last a bit longer and requires less applications throughout the year.

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Fast release fertilizers

Do not last as long and requires more applications throughout the year.

The first application is usually made through the typical growing season, or early spring.  You can also apply a treatment late in spring, early summer, late summer and then apply a round of fertilizer in early fall, as the key is to avoid fertilizing amid intense weather conditions.

As always, exceptions occur according to the species of grasses, soil type and specific location.  Southlake, TX lawns are commonly seen to have clay based soils, but that may not be the case for your lawn