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Why Choose Ryno Lawn Care for Weed Control and Lawn Fertilization in Prosper

We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
Our company has been voted as a neighborhood favorite on Nextdoor
Proud member of the Texas Turfgrass Association
Our lawn techs use a restorative process to help your lawn stay healthy during the hot Texas summers
We apply our products at the times of the year that will be the most beneficial to your turf

What We Do

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Advantages to Maintaining a Consistent Weed Control/Lawn Fertilization Program

After continued treatments, your lawn will develop a natural resistance to weed growth. Not only that, but over time grass will establish a deep and strong root system. 

Before you know it, your lawn will be a bright and vibrant green. A healthy lawn provides the soil with a layer of protection, as well as building up a resistance to pests.

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Effective Weed Control

When it comes to effective weed control, it is important to understand that not all weeds are alike- and therefore, not all weed killers are either. Knowing what to use, when, and on which plants, will ensure that you save both time and money while tackling unsightly weeds in your yard.

Additionally proper use of a fertilizer is your best defense against intrusive weeds, as having a dense and robust lawn decreases weeds’ ability to set in and thrive.

Applying Pre- and Post-Emergent Herbicides

Pre-emergent herbicides

Pre-emergent herbicides kill weeds before they get a chance to emerge from the soil. This type of product is highly effective for invasive grass species that are hard to control once they’ve sprouted. 

A few examples of weeds that respond almost exclusively to pre-emergent herbicides are crabgrass and crabgrass. Both their root systems and their seeding patterns make them difficult to get rid of without the use of a pre-emergent product.

Post-emergent herbicides

Post-emergent herbicides work by directly affecting the plant’s foliage and soaking into the root system. As the name implies, they are to be applied to the weed once it has emerged from the soil. Selective post-emergent herbicides are the best way to protect surrounding plants and turfgrass from incidental harm while targeting weeds.

Post-emergents are effective on some grassy weeds, and are commonly used on broadleaf weeds like clover and henbit.

What Are You waiting For?

We have a team of professionally trained experts ready to give your lawn the love and attention it needs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Consistently great service and love that I can schedule and contact through an online portal. Price is great. Been with them for about a year and plan on staying.

This company is prompt, their team does a professional job every time, and the office staff is courteous, friendly and always willing to accommodate any changes I need made.

About Prosper, Texas

Interested in finding out how much the water costs in Prosper, TX? Check out this helpful PDF,  “Town of Prosper Irrigation Water and Wastewater Rates.”

Here’s a helpful brochure published by the Community Waste Disposal System that explains how to properly dispose of yard waste like tree branches, leaves, grass clippings, etc. Town of Prosper Residential Services- Trash and Recycling, Bulky Waste, Yard Waste Recycling Brochure.

Other Services We Offer

lawn aeration

Lawn Aeration Service

Lawn aeration loosens the soil, so it’s not so compacted and helps to create better grass growth and stronger roots.


Soil Rejuvenation

Soil rejuvenation is an important component of general lawn and garden care.

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Prosper Lawn Care Service

Ryno Lawn Care provides full service lawn care that includes regular mowing services for Prosper, TX and surrounding areas.

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