Pre-Emergent or Post-Emergent Herbicide?

herbicide weed control prosper, tx

During the winter, it may seem like nothing is actively growing in your lawn and garden. But the truth is, many weed types overwinter successfully, and are waiting to emerge once the soil warms up. Most new growth is welcome in the spring time, but this certainly isn’t true for pests like spurge, dollarweed, henbit, …

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Top Herbicides For Effective Weed Prevention

herbicide weed control prosper, tx

Summer has arrived and everything is thriving! Unfortunately, that includes the intrusive plant life you didn’t exactly invite to inhabit your lawn.  With so many herbicides on the market, you don’t want to waste your money on the wrong product. Effective treatment depends on the type of weed and how mature it is.  Fortunately, we’ve …

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When To Spray Pre-Emergent Herbicides

herbicide weed control prosper, tx

The use of herbicides, also known as weed killers, is vital to good lawn care when it comes to protecting your grass. Pre-emergent herbicides kill weeds before they sprout, and timing is critical for obtaining the best results. Applying a pre-emergent treatment too late or too early will waste both your time and money. So …

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Weed and Feed Schedule For Lawn Care

weed feed schedule

Fertilization is important to giving your lawn the proper nutrients it needs to thrive through out the year. Proper fertilization is a balance of what your soil is giving your lawn and what you can add to it. It’s important to follow a weed and feed schedule for lawn care to apply fertilizer at the …

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Pre-emergent Weed Killer in the Spring

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Have you spent several hours pulling weeds by hand, or spraying weed killers repetitively to no avail? Looking for a better way to improve the appearance of your lawn? Pre-emergent is the weed control lawn care product that can offer you a respite from that aggravating problem! Pre-emergent Weed Killer in the Spring. A Pre-emergent herbicide kills …

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