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Why is Leaf Removal Important?


Leaf removal in North Texas is essential because the leaves can get wet and cause harm to your lawn by not allowing the grass to breathe. When moisture accumulates between the leaves and your lawn, fungal diseases can develop and fester.

Leaf removal is easier to accomplish early in the autumn rather than later in the season. Nonetheless, even though summer is finally winding down, you do not need to start raking just yet.

If you’re able to bag your leaves as they fall and mulch them with your mower, you should do it that way. A mulching lawn mower will allow you to cut your grass while chopping up ground-level leaves. Don’t get out the mower just to mulch, though. If mowing season is over for you, or if you don’t have this type of mower, you’ll have to go about leaf removal by other methods.

More Leaf Removal Ideas

leaf removal north texas
Leaf removal service in DFW North Texas

A leaf blower is a good thing to have for blowing away dry leaves. The only problem is, they aren’t very helpful during fall when leaves tend to be damp or even sopping wet. They are helpful when you need to get dry leaves and pine needles off walkways, patios and paths.

View this post on the different types of leaf blowers.

Sometimes, leaf removal is not the best way to deal with leaves. Not all leaves need to be raked.

You can use a rake to remove the leaves from your lawn, but you don’t have to remove leaves that have settled under bushes and trees. When left to decompose in these areas, leaves will become natural compost and mulch for the soil beneath the greenery.

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This is beneficial to shrubs and trees, making them healthy and strong. When you let your leaves lie in strategic places, nature will help you with leaf removal.

Bear in mind that yard work is strenuous and can result in stiff muscles and a sore back. Leaf removal is no exception to this fact.

leaf blower man blowing leavesDo not bend with your back as you rake. You should bend with your knees and take breaks as necessary. If you already have issues with your back, give yourself a break!

In Summary:

  • Easier late in season
  • Bag leaves as they fall
  • Mulch with mower
  • Beneficial to shrubs and trees

Contact Ryno for Leaf Removal in DFW

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5 Responses

  1. How to avoid the yellowing of grass? I tried both manure and watering but my grass keep yellowing again and again. I tried Magnessium rich fertilizers as suggested by lawn experts

  2. I am currently enrolled in the Complete Lawn Care program with Ryno Lawn Care. I would like to know why if leaves are detrimental to the lawn your lawn care team mulches them and leaves (no pun intended) them in the yard instead of raking and bagging the leaves for removal? I have over 40 trees in my yard and clean up every 2 weeks in December is not enough,,, I have been trying to contact Kristy all week – I do not want a response from Emily because she is rude and does not listen very well…

  3. Great point about strategically letting leaves remain under trees and bushes to help generate natural compost. So many owners don’t realize that leaves can be good in certain circumstances.

  4. It’s great that you mentioned how leaf removal is important since the leaves could get wet and cause harm to the lawn by not letting the grass breathe. There are a lot of fallen leaves in our home right now and I think we need to clean them up soon. Doing it on our own would take too much time, so we are thinking of hiring a leaf removal expert.

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