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Top Tips for Fall Lawn Prep


fall lawn care, yellow leaves in a field of green grassTaking care of the lawn during the fall season can help you reap the fruits of your efforts in the spring.

Some people do not care much about their lawns during the fall because they think there’s nothing to be done as their grass and foliage winds down for winter. 

This is simply the wrong attitude to take on when it comes to ensuring a luscious lawn year-round — especially if you want your yard to be healthy and without weeds once the spring growth season begins.

Plants uptake a higher amount of nutrients during summer and fall. In the winter, plants rely mainly on stored nutrient to survive the dormant conditions.

These energy stores allow them the fuel they need to bloom again in the spring. Therefore, if you neglect the care of your lawn during fall, then the probability of dried-up and withered plants in spring will increase.

No one wants that! So let’s take a look at the fall lawn care tasks you need to prioritize:

Mowing and Watering

Keep mowing the lawn until winter arrives. You can slow it down a bit as the weather cools, but neglecting this chore will make your yard more susceptible to pests and fungal diseases.

Mowing can help clean the increased amount of debris as leaves and twigs gather in your lawn. These provide a boost of organic matter to your soil, which helps fortify your lawn to go dormant in the winter months. 

If your property has multiple mature trees that produce an overwhelming mess of fallen leaves in the autumn, check out our Leaf Removal Service page to find out how Ryno Lawn Care can help!

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Along with mowing, keep watering the roots. Water your grass and shrubs during the day as the outside temperature begins to drop. This way, they can continue using water, nutrients, and sunlight to stay strong in preparation for dormancy.  


We prefer to use pre-emergent weed-and-feed products in the fall as a combination of herbicides and fertilizers. Applying these products assures two things:

1. Fertilizers help fortify the grass in preparation for the winter season. Stored nutrients give them a leg-up in producing fresh foliage once the soil and air temperatures begin to warm up as winter comes to a close.

2. A pre-emergent herbicide helps kill off unruly weeds before they get a chance to sprout. Additionally, some weed types are able to “overwinter,” sprouting as soon as the spring growing season begins. Pre-emergents are an effective preventive measure against this problem.

Find out more about how our lawn care experts can assist with Lawn Fertilization treatments.

If your grass and plants are deprived of nutrients during the fall, they will not withstand the harsh winters accompanied by the nutrient shortage. Fertilizers and herbicides work together to guarantee the provision of nutrients, while staving off invasive weeds.  

If you’re more the DIY type when it comes to lawn care and landscape maintenances, check out Fall Lawn Fertilizer: When to Apply.

Soil Aeration

In summers, excessive heat stress blocks the air chambers in soil and causes soil compaction. As a result, discoloration of leaves occurs that is followed by delayed grass growth.

Applying aeration techniques to the soil ensures that the blocked air pathways open up. Air can reach the roots more easily, which allows for vital gaseous exchanges as well as higher water uptake. Fall is an ideal season to aerate the soil and enhance the mineral absorption abilities of the plants.

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Fostering your lawn in fall is the only way to guarantee a lush, blooming lawn and garden in the spring. It is easier for plants to wilt and die during the winter. But preventive care during the fall season can give your lawn and garden the support they need to withstand the winter season.

Ryno Lawn Care can take all the necessary measures to prepare your lawn for the winters by caring for it during the fall season. The experts in the Lawn Care team know what your lawn needs. They can provide you excellent lawn care services and additional tips that you can utilize to take care of your lawn.

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