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How Often You Should Water Your Lawn


If you love keeping your lawn a lush, gorgeous green throughout the summer, you may have been feeling guilty during the recent drought in North Texas. Luckily, there’s not really any reason to. You can have a good looking lawn and conserve water if you know how and how often you should water your lawn. In this article our experts at Ryno Lawn Care, LLC share a few wise tips with you to help you keep a lawn that’s green in every way.

You may feel like watering the minute the weather starts to warm up in spring, but that’s not really effective lawn care. If you wait until the weather starts to get dry and your lawn starts to show some signs of thirst, you will promote a stronger, deeper, healthier root system. When you water, your grass will become deeper green and make better use of the water.

One very important aspect of understanding how often you should water your lawn,  is understanding when to water it. If you water during the early morning hours, you will not have to water as often, because you will be making efficient use of water. Early morning watering does not lose as much water to evaporation as afternoon watering. Your lawn will be able to drink up the water you provide it, yet the sunshine will prevent your grass from standing damp for hours (a situation that promotes disease). Watering at night is not recommended unless the weather is very, very hot – as is often the case in North Texas in the dead of summer. During very long, hot dry spells, watering at night is a good idea because the grass will dry quickly even after sunset.

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It’s a good idea to use a sprinkler system that delivers a steady and consistent amount of water to your entire lawn, rather than using a hose or a movable sprinkler. Many people feel that they should set their sprinkler system to water daily, but if you are worried about how often to water your lawn, you will be happy to know that less is more. Your lawn will be happier, stronger and greener with a deep weekly or bi-weekly watering, than a light daily watering. An inch of water a week is generally sufficient for effective lawn service. You can determine how long it will take to achieve this by setting up containers around your yard, and timing how long it takes for them to collect an inch of water from your sprinklers.

To be certain that your soil is absorbing the water you provide properly, you should check the soil the day after you water by poking a long, thin blade or screwdriver into the soil. The ground should be soft and it should be easy to push the implement into the ground up to six or eight inches. If it is not, you aren’t watering long enough, and you will need to extend your watering time. A good, deep, weekly watering may take 1 – 3 hours at a steady (not too forceful) flow.

In North Texas, where drought is a problem, you may find yourself facing water restrictions, which will result in your city or municipality telling you how often you should your lawn. In this event, make the most of your lawn care by watering at the right time of day and at a flow that will not cause precious water to run off your yard and into the city drains where it will not do any good. Keep careful track of any rainfall with a rain gauge, and be sure to take this into account when you decide on the length of time for watering your lawn.

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To learn more about weekly lawn care and get good advice on how often you should water your lawn and more, give us a call at Ryno Lawn Care, LLC: 214-728-8894, or fill out our convenient online consultation request form. One of our friendly, professional lawn care consultants will be happy to look over your property, provide you with good advice and give you a free estimate for the best yard and lawn care service in the DFW area – Ryno Lawn Care, LLC.

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  1. I like to water almost every day even if it is just for a short period. When is the best time of day to water? I have heard that full sun is bad and I have also heard otherwise, which is it? I water in the evening since the dew in the morning counts for something.

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