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Dog-Friendly Backyard Landscaping Ideas


Dogs are energetic animals. That’s why it is best to provide them spaces where they can play and enjoy themselves outdoors.

You can afford to create this space in the midst of your backyard, lawn, and garden. All you need to do is make some simple changes.

In this article, you will get to know about 9-ways to make your backyard landscaping dog friendly.

1. Safety Comes First

Before doing anything, you should make sure your dog is safe in your backyard, lawn, or garden. So make sure you are choosing the safe ideas for him. Make sure you are using top of the line grooming shears to groom your dog.

Not grooming is unhealthy for your dog, especially if he is spending a lot of time getting dirty outside. Make sure you’re giving him the TLC he needs to stay healthy while he plays outdoors! 

2.Think as Your Dog

You have to think like your dog when you are changing your lawn. Not every dog wants the same things. Some dogs are really active, while others may lounge in the shade most of the day.

Make changes that suit your dog’s personality and energy level.  If your dog loves to romp around, make sure he’s got a lot of space. If he’s a lounger, make a special spot for him in a shaded area. 

3.Implement a Water Fountain

You can build a water fountain if your garden is big enough. But if your backyard is small, then you can provide some water in a water bowl.

If your dog spends his whole day in the yard, he needs water available at all times. Try to change the water frequently, to keep it fresh and clean.

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4. Use Safe Materials

The materials of your landscape should be safe for your dog. Some elements get too hot after awhile, such as darker rocks and stones. So make sure the flat rocks, pavers, pebbles, and bricks you use are paw-friendly.

Also, larger stones are less likely to get stuck in their paws than smaller pebbles. 

5.Play Safe

Your dog’s play area should be safe. You can clean the garden with a cordless electric dethatcher  so that your dog can exercise or play comfortably without itchy thatch buildup.

Be sure you’re mowing regularly, not only for the health of your lawn but to discourage pesky insects that enjoy taller grasses.

6.Provide a Shelter

You should make sure that there is a shelter for your dog in the garden, to prevent overheating. Make sure you have enough shade to offer them protection. If you don’t have a dog house or mature trees in your yard, you can construct an easy shelter with some wooden poles and a bit of cloth.

7. Build a Boundary

If your garden has an area that is off-limits to your pet, then you had better secure it with a boundary. Otherwise, they can cause damage in your garden or possibly hurt themselves. The height of the fence should be tall enough to prevent jumping.

8. Choose Non-Toxic Plants

Some plants might be non-toxic for your dog. And you don’t know. So it is necessary to know about which plat is safe for your pet and which are not. Don’t plant anything that has thorns, thistles, or burrs.

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9. Add Some Pathways

Dogs love to roam around. You can integrate an attractive pathway into your landscape. You can use flat rocks, pavers, pebbles, and bricks for both you and your pet to navigate the yard. 

These are the ideas that you can use to make your backyard landscape dog-friendly. Hopefully, they work for you.

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  1. We love these ideas about making a dog-friendly lawn! One tree you should never put in an area that’s accessible to pets is the sago palm — ingesting it can be lethal. Also, we love the idea of a water feature for your dog! We recommend mowing your lawn regularly to keep your dog safe from pests and insects that hide in long grass. Great post!

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