Garden gnomeDecorating your garden with tasteful ornaments is a fantastic way to enhance your foliage, and to keep your garden colorful every season of the year. We’re all familiar with the classic garden gnomes, bird feeders, wind chimes, and those gaudy pink flamingos. But what about a more modern touch of flare for your foliage?

We researched a few of the trendier and more creative options, and picked out some of our favorites for you: 

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garden spriteFinal Thoughts

Here in North Texas, we have the pleasure of enjoying the outdoors for most of the year. But especially in the winter months, when plants begin to go dormant, it can be a challenge to keep your garden beautiful. Learn more about our garden landscaping services!

Adding a playful touch of color that withstands the weather is a great way to give your garden some life through every season. For more ideas on brightening up your yard no matter the season, be sure you check out Landscaping Ideas on a Budget: Hardscapes.


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